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Not Back to School: A Day in the Life

Homeschool at Great Peace Academy has never looked like a typical classroom.

Life at the Homeschool Academy, a little peak inside what our day looks like at Great Peace Academy

We are not rise and shine kind of people. At least I am not a rise n shine kind of girl. So I usually sleep until around 9 or 9:30 a.m. Then I have a cup of coffee and maybe a bowl of cereal. What’s that? Oh yes, my child. Well let’s see, he gets up on his own, makes his own breakfast (usually cereal or toast or yogurt n fruit). Then spends a little time drawing pictures. Have I mentioned that he draws pictures during most of his spare time?

On a typical day we begin school around 10 a.m. We study for about 2 to 2 1/2 hours then break for an hour lunch. Following lunch, we return to studies until about 3:30-4:00 or until my Young Man has completed his daily assignments.

This will be the first year that we will be following a 5 day school week, in years past we have had 4 day weeks. I am still narrowing down my overall schedule, however, I am considering a 6 to 8 week cycle followed by a 1 to 2 week break.  

I’ll be using my new Homeschool Teacher Planner to keep track of my schedule this year. I’ll stay organized all year long and the pretty pop of colors on each page will encourage me to keep working through the year. 

Our Homeschool Schedule

  • Monday – Bible, Homeschool Gym, History and Literature
  • Tuesday – Bible,  History, Writing, Science, 
  • Wednesday – Bible, History, Science, Sentence and Paragraph Structuring, 
  • Thursday – Bible, History, Writing, LEGO club and Chess Club,  Piano & Voice 2x each per month. 
  • Friday – Bible, History, Science,  Literature
  • Saturday – Finish up any lessons needing to be completed, Field trips. 

As always my work is a work in progress. 

I make dinner and we are a bit of a couch potato family. I often have tv on in the background while I work on blogging tasks. Little man does some video game time, but mostly drawing. 

What’s that? Um, yes. Beloved. Well as of last Monday. My Beloved man, Michael, finally started a new full time job. It is in his career field but a slightly different path than the ones previously taken.  I’ll fill you in on more details soon. It will take a little while to figure out the new “norm” for him.

That’s about it. What Life is like in our homeschool. What about you, what is life in your homeschool like?`

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2 Replies to “Life at the Academy

  1. Thanks for sharing your day, Renee. I love how homeschooling affords us so much flexibility and time to allow our children to develop their passions more fully. Garrison and I are early morning people, so we get up going around 7:45 most days. We like lots of breaks between subjects for LEGO building and more reading:) We’re using the schedule you recommended(from A Plan in Place) this year for the first time and will see how it goes. It’s our first day back after a long summer:)

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