12 Authentic Life Goals for the New Year

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. That’s because I’ve been super busy packing up our home and moving the family to Missouri! We arrived safely on the 30th of December and I am starting to feel as if we are getting settled into our newest home. It’s a temporary home in that we are renting for just over a year, but it’s home for now and I am finding it to be quite comfortable for our family. 

Since we moved over the New Years holiday I missed out on getting to tell you all Happy New Year. I know I am hopeful for a peaceful year in 2016. 2015 was filled with a lot of struggle, hurt and change. I think I am in need of some quiet. Yet, I also know that I am not in control of life, God my Father is. 

12 Authentic Life Goals for the New Year | Renée at Great Peace

But as most do, I try to set a few goals for each new year. Sometimes the goal is personal and other times it is goals for our family. But I also am a realist and know that setting new years resolutions often falls short of expectations. Since we’ve moved right at the beginning of the year it’s like a giant fresh start. Which is why I am prayerful about the goals I have for the year. 

12 New Year Life Goals

  1. To be more diligent in my daily Bible study – While we have family devotional time each night, I often fail to dig in deep for my own personal study. So I am making it a priority, setting aside specific time to study in God’s word and allow Him to lead me.
  2. Set a home cleaning routine that is manageable in bite size chunks. A few chores each day to maintain a tidy home. (With the move there was much purging, and as I unpack I am attempting to put things into organized order so that I can simply maintain that order throughout the year. A cleaning routine should help me to do just that.
  3. Be more controlled with things that I speak  Each month I will ponder on a verse of scripture to remind myself of being more self-controlled in this way. This month’s verse is: Psalm 19:14.
  4. Organize our finances and set up a family budget – For the last many years this has been my husbands role, with his new job this role will now fall to me as his work responsibilities increase he needs to move some things off of his plate. We have agreed that finances will become one of my roles.
  5. Healthy eating – Like I have previously shared with you, I’m not one to worry over diets, nor do I step on a scale daily to watch my weight, but I do want to eat healthy and be aware of what I am putting into my body and those of my family. Which is why I am continuing on the Trim Healthy Mama plan
  6. Visit my mom once per month. With the big move this is going to be harder to manage. This last year I was with her most of 5 straight months as we were all caring for my dad and after his passing I continued to visit about 2 times a month. With being over 11 hours away now it will be a harder task, but I am striving to visit once per month.

Life Goal Verse Printable Scripture Art

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6 Goals for our Family

  1. Continue family devotional time each night – This is and will always be a #1 priority in our family.
  2. Do family dinner no less than 5 times a week – This is a truly doable goal as we mostly maintain this anyway. But over the last year with everything that happened in our family, this fell by the wayside, so I’m hoping to restore this.
  3. Do family togetherness activities 2 times a week – It seems like such a small thing, but it is so important and too often it gets overlooked in the busy-ness of life. That’s why I’m making it a priority this year. 
  4. Have family photos taken this year. It’s been over 2 years since we have had photos taken, so it’s more than time for this to happen.
  5.  Do a family service project once per month – I wish I could say more often, but I am trying to set small realistic goals and I think 1 per month is do-able. If we can manage to maintain this, then we might be able to increase the frequency.
  6. Establish family with new family doctor, dentist and eye doctor. Having moved this is something we will need to do. 

Well my goals may not be fancy and they may seem quite mundane, but they are the goals I’ve set for the new year and for me they are an authentic reflection of what our life is like at this time and the overall goals I want to get us back into a family routine after the upheaval of last year. 

Do you set personal and family goals with the changing of the calendar year? What goals have you set for 2016?

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