Little Man Asks: “Mom! What is…”

Inquisitive Mind Wants to Know

Little Man is constantly asking me questions that seem to come out of nowhere and throws me off guard, makes me think and often stumps me, requiring either further research or a frustrated, ‘go ask your dad.’

I want to share these questions with you, my readers, so you can share in the joy… This first posting will share several that have been asked over the last few weeks as best as I can remember them.

1. “Mom!, do you know what a cocklebur is?”
I did not know what a cocklebur was, so we had to google it to find out. Here is the result.
Wikipedia: Cocklebur

2. “Mom!, does the moon affect the ocean?”
Me, “Yes.”
Little Man, “How?”
Me, “Well, the moon affects the ocean’s waves.”
Little Man, “How?”
Me, thinking… ‘It’s almost bedtime and we do not have time to research this.’ But responding, “I don’t know, that will require more research. Would you like to do a research project on how the moon affects the ocean’s waves?”
Little Man, “Yes!”
Me, “How about Ms. Joyce show you how to research that, she used to be a librarian.”
Little Man, “That would be great!”
Me, “I agree, now get ready for bed.”

Ms. Joyce did take him to the library to research this and we have discovered that the gravitational field of the moon pulls against the earths gravitational field, causing the ocean to wave, as the moon comes closer to one side of the earth high tide results and as the moon pulls further around the earth creating low tide. At least this is the best of my understanding at this point.

4. “Mom! What is a Biosphere.”

Me, “The world’s ecosystems or different areas that make up different life systems such as a desert ecosystem or swamp, all of them put together make up the biosphere.”
Him, “Yes.”

5. “Mom, why does blood turn brown?” Following this question was a lengthy discussion about iron in the blood, why we have iron in the blood, what iron is and then why in air it oxidizes, thus turning blood brown.

Literally, as I was pondering the past couple of weeks and questions that I’ve been asked, he comes running in and begins the following series of questions.

6. “Mom! Do you know what 86,400 seconds equals?”
Me, totally guessing, “24 hours?”
Him, “Yes, one day!”
“Mom!” what is 604,800 seconds?”
Me, “A Week?” Another total guess…
Little Man, “Yes, how did you know that?”
“Mom! do you know what 3,153,600,000 seconds are?”
Me: “A Month?” I figured I’m on a role now.
Him: “No”

So thankful that someone invented one of these!

Me: “A Year?”

Him, “No! It’s 100 years!”
Me: “There should be more than that.”
Him, “60X60X24X365X100 = 3,153,600,000 seconds.”
Dad, “Go take your shower you’re giving your mom a headache.”
He quite literally just gave me a headache. Numbers always do that to me. 

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