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The Gifted Need for College Courses

Online Courses for Clep Prep with JumpCourse.com

I’m looking into options for college credits for my gifted learner. Here is the reality I live with. If you follow along with our homeschool blog then you know that he is gifted in mathHe’s 10 and working in highschool advanced math.  So that means he is going to reach a limit for secondary level learning in just a few short years.

So what’s a homeschool mom to do? I could take him to the local community college and enroll him in a college level class at age 13-14, but is that really what I want for him? 

This sponsored post with affiliate links is brought to you by Jumpcourse.com, be sure to register for their Kindle Fire Giveaway below. I received a free trial of one of the courses, financial accounting, and I was compensated for my time, in exchange for an honest review of the product. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. 

Clep Prep Courses Online

When I read about online clep prep with JumpCourse.com I was excited for the opportunity to take a look and see what this option might present for my son. If he could take courses that would allow him to clep test for college credit while in highschool, or even junior high, then he would be that much further ahead when the time comes for him to enter college. That got me to thinking… 

I had gone to college, but I never finished. What if I could earn some college credit and perhaps work toward my own degree while researching the option for my homeschool student. So I went ahead and enrolled in, online financial accounting

How Jumpcourse.com’s Online Clep Prep Works 

College Level Adaptive & Mastery Learning with JumpCourse.com

  • The course is designed to lead a student in a progressive understanding of the subject, working toward mastery level.
  • There is an instructional video which goes through the course content coupled with a text option so the student can read the course text for further study. 
  • The courses are designed to be adaptive by blending learning styles allowing students to learn the way which works best for them.
  • Once the student feels confident that they understand the content, they can practice their knowledge through targeted question & answer reviews. 
  • The program assesses their answers with either a correct or incorrect. As the student progresses through the questions, they reach mastery through correct answers. 
  • Once a level is mastered the program unlocks the next level and the student can move forward. 
  • The next level of practice however, revisits some of the areas learned in prior lessons so that the student is reminded of key information.
  • Each Course has an assigned instructor who messages the student to check in with them along the way.
  • Additionally there are study boards which allow students to interact with others who are taking the class.
  • Once a student completes an entire online clep prep course, they can take their CLEP test through a certified testing site, often available at your college of choice.
  • Best of all, JumpCourse.com offers a money back guarantee, as long as you complete the course and take your test within 6 months of beginning your course.

The Smarter Way to Earn College Credits

Since I’m a homeschool mom, I personally want to save money on any college course I might attempt to take. Also, I realized could simply utilize their courses as homeschool curriculum options in a couple of years when he reaches that stage, while at the same time, providing alternative college options for my advanced learning son. That is why I think JumpCourse.com’s online clep prep courses at only $99 is a smarter way to earn college credits, than traditional college credit options. 

Save Money and Earn College Credits with JumpCourse.com

Online Clep Prep Courses are Ideal

These Clep Prep Courses are really ideal for a myriad of degree seekers. Here are a few examples.
  • A SAHM, or WAHM who is looking to start or finish a degree.
  • Highschool Students looking to complete college earlier than 4 years.
  • Homeschool Students as a curriculum option, that also will serve to earn college credit. 
  • Gifted and Advanced Students who can earn college credit prior to entering college.
  • Anyone looking to save money on college.

Discounts for Online Courses

It may be hard to believe that your student could take an online clep prep course for only $99, but that is their pricing. They currently offer 5 online courses, including Financial Accounting, Organizational Behavior, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, and Macroeconomics.
  • Even better, they are offering you 50% Off, one course, of your choice. Simply register before June 30, 2014 using this discount code: HOME50, to utilize this awesome savings.
  • Additionally, they are offering 20% Off an unlimited number of courses through August 30, 2014 using the discount code: HOME20
  • You will have access to the courses for One Full Year from the Purchase Date. Buy now with the discount and utilize in the fall, winter, or even next spring

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Be sure to take a look at the JumpCourse.com Blog, where you will find encouraging posts, tips and information about saving money for college, clep courses, and college level learning options. Also take a look at the JumpCourse.com Home-School page so you can see how you can have your students start earning college credits today.

The Smart Way to Earn College Credit with JumpCourse.com

Do you have a gifted, advanced or highschool student? Have you considered the next phase of your child’s homeschool life? Take a look at JumpCourse.com to see if it’s right for your child, or perhaps it’s right for you. 

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