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Inspire Reading with a Magazine for Kids | #ihsnet @funforkidzmag

When I was a little girl I lived in a very small town, tiny by most people’s standards, one of my favorite things was going to the post office with mom and daddy to get the mail. It was about 1/2 mile from our house, sometimes we walked and other times we would ride our bikes, our motorcycle, or ride in the car. We would go maybe 3 or 4 times a week to check the mail.

There was no greater thrill than when mom would say “You’ve got mail” to one of us kids (there were 4 of us). You would have thought I had just won a million bucks when those words were uttered to me, because inside I would be all giddy with excitement! Sometimes, it was a letter from a friend who had moved away, or a letter from a dear aunt. But other times, it was a kids magazine! That was a hugely fun day for me because I loved to read.

Now that I’m a mom, especially a homeschool mom, I wanted to continue the tradition of the excitement that comes when a kid gets mail, in the actual mailbox. Sure, getting an email can be fun for kids, but receiving something in the mail box that you can actually hold, feel and read, is so much better. {Tweet That} We’ve been fortunate over the years to have grandmas who send magazine subscriptions to our son, and he too shares the thrill of getting something in the mail. 

I am bringing you this post by working in association with Fun for Kidz Magazines. I received free copies of the three Fun for Kidz magazines featured below for review purposes and I am being compensated for my work and time to write, edit and publish this post. As always all opinions expressed are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. This post may also contain affiliate links.

Reading Fun with a Magazine for Kids

When Fun For Kidz arrived my son’s interest was roused right away. The colorful kid-friendly graphics made him want to dive right in. I loved watching as he flipped through the pages, then settle in on the cartoon pages, once he was enticed, he continued to flip from one section to another absorbing facts, and learning as he went.

It wasn’t long before he was grabbing a pencil because he couldn’t resist the puzzles scattered throughout. I was thrilled to see that each magazine centered around a central theme and incorporates seamlessly both fun things to read and do, as well educational materials, facts and experiments with an entirely ad-free layout. 

Scattered throughout the periodicals are fun games, brain teasers, riddles, coded messages, Sudoku and more. Each one has a short story of fiction, as well as some non-fiction real life news type stories, and nuggets of facts and info distributed throughout relating to each theme. Science, history, reading, math, geography, civics, and even hands-on activities, make for a well-rounded periodical that could even serve as a unit study.

Magazines for Kids with 3 Separate Periodicals

Educational, Fun, Magazines for Kids | #ihsnet @funforkidzmag

Fun For Kidz offers 3 separate periodical subscriptions. Each subscription has 6 issues per year, but the Boy’s Quest and Hopscotch for Girls are timed on opposite months to the Fun For Kidz issues. Each of the options are all ad-free, wholesome and educational. 

The Fun for Kidz magazine which is good for boys and girls, they are written for kids from ages 5 to 14, and can even serve as read alouds for prek kids. They arrive on odd-numbered months and incorporate lessons, puzzles, poetry, stories, cartoons, drawing how-tos, puzzles, cooking and more. They are fun for the whole family!

These are just as they sound, fun quests that are boy-hood inspired. They incorporate a central themed topic that are oriented to what a boy tends to like. With short stories, poetry, fun facts, science experiments, brain teasers, jokes and riddles, these bi-monthly mailers readers ignite the investigative and exploratory minds of boys. This magazine arrives on even-numbered months.

While I don’t have any little girls at Great Peace Academy, I was sent 3 issues of Hopscotch as a part of this review. The Hopscotch issues are written with little girls in mind. They are full of stories, arts and crafts, cooking, science and math, cooking, drawing lessons, poetry, puzzles, and even a pen pal club. What little girl wouldn’t love to join a pen-pal club and make friends around the nation? These also arrive on even-numbered months.

Subscribe to any two subscriptions from Fun For Kidz magazine by December 15, 2015 to get 50% off your entire order using the coupon code ihomeschool. 

  • Postage outside US is not included in special offer.
  • The subscriptions are regularly $32.95 for 6 issues. But with this discount you can get both Fun for Kidz and either Boys Quest or Hopscotch for that price!
  • Subscribe to both the Boys Quest or Hopscotch for Girls and Fun for Kids. They are delivered on opposite bi-monthly plans. That means your kids could get a magazine every month.
  • Single copies of past magazines for $7.95 each.
  • Buy  5 single issues, you can get 2 more free.

Are you a Facebook addict, like I am? Be sure to follow Fun For Kidz on Facebook for encouraging and fun posts!

Do you remember getting mail as a kid? Wasn’t it super fun? Are you providing mail through subscriptions to fun magazines for kids? 

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