Making Some Changes

I’ve been making some changes. Mostly they are heart changes. Decisions I make within myself about how I want to approach life. How I want to proceed with various aspects of what I do.

I find myself often, stretched too thin. Then comes the question. What do I give up? Beloved tells me I need to learn to prioritize, but doesn’t often suggest what order to do that in. So I am left with prayer. Wow, that sounds like I consider prayer a mundane thing, which I do not.
Prayer is powerful, God centered, sharing my heart with Him. He already knows my heart because He created it and me. But, He desires for me to talk with Him. He longs to walk with me, in the cool of the day, as He did with Adam in the Garden, and talk with me like a father with a child. That’s what He is to me, Father. He leads me when I simply talk with Him, listen to Him by study of His word.

So, I have come to some decisions and will be sharing them with you in the weeks to come. I will be making some life changes as well as some blogging changes. Changes are not always easy, but, without change, a stirring of the waters, life becomes stagnate and unproductive. Either one takes control of their life choices, or life takes control of them. That’s just my opinion of course.

What changes? The first of which is re-focusing. Blogging can become overwhelming, fast. I started blogging as a natural progression from my facebook page. I began, there, writing NOTES about our homeschool weeks, then realized that I wanted to share with others, so blogging has become my outlet. Yet, over time, instead of sharing my life, blogging became the all-encompassing focus of my life. That is soooooo, not how I want to CHOOSE TO LIVE MY LIFE.
I choose to seek to honor HIM through Jesus Christ above all else. I choose to honor my Beloved husband, my son and my family. I choose to share on my blog, not live IN my blog.

So I am turning my focus for blogging back to the original purpose. Honoring God must come first in all things for me, including caring for my family, homeschooling and serving others. Keeping my focus on Him will help me to remember that blogging isn’t the focus of my life, but a way to share with others what the focus of my life is, Him.

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