How to Manage Household Chores Daily

Having a clean house is an amazing way to feel comfortable and cozy in your environment. After all, a cluttered house makes for a cluttered mind, and who has time for that? But, if you take a few minutes each day to manage household chores clutter stays at bay.

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While many people love when their homes are clean and tidy, having to do the work to get there is an entirely different story. Household chores such as washing laundry, cleaning the floors and dusting tend to add up if they aren’t done frequently, leaving you with a lot to do and not much time to do it.

The good news is, household chores don’t need to be overwhelming or frustrating. In fact, if you break your chores down into monthly, weekly and daily tasks you can see how little time cleaning can take.

There are many ways to manage household chores daily, stay on top of them and reduce the amount of time you commit to doing them. If you want to better clean your house more efficiently, there are some daily tasks you can perform to help manage household chores.

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Daily Household Chores List

Performing household chores daily, will keep your home clutter free and clean. In fact, to spend even less time performing chores, you can have your daily list posted in a central area of your home. This will encourage other members of the family to help whenever possible.

Kitchen Tasks

  • Wash dishes – This may seem obvious but keeping all dishes clean and put away after every meal will make your kitchen look cleaner.
  • Wipe down appliances – When you are done using your appliances each day, give the exterior a quick wipe down. This will keep them clean and shiny in appearance.
  • Clean all kitchen counters – Wipe down all the counters and stove top.
  • Put everything back in its place – When you are finished using something in your kitchen put it away when it belongs. Don’t let things accumulate in your kitchen.
  • Sweep the floor – Giving the kitchen floor a quick sweep daily will help to remove any food particles, making it look cleaner.

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  • Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Spray
  • Method Toilet Cleaner

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Bathroom Tasks

  • Wipe counters and sinks – Wipe down your counter and sinks in the bathroom. This will remove any toothpaste from the sinks and faucets.
  • Clean the mirror – A clean mirror makes all the difference in the appearance of your bathroom. Make sure to remove any build up and ensure it’s shiny.

Bedroom Tasks

  • Make beds – Make sure all beds in the house are made each morning.
  • Put things away – Tidy up any items that may be out of place. Remove cups from bedside tables and toys off the floor.
  • Put dirty laundry in baskets – Your rooms will look less cluttered if you store your dirty laundry in baskets in the laundry room until you are ready to do the wash.
  • Fold and put away laundry – Don’t leave laundry laying around the room. It just makes it look cluttered. Have all laundry folded and put away as soon as possible.



Main Living Areas

  • Vacuum high traffic areas – Any areas that are frequented in your home could use a quick run over with a vacuum at the end of each day.
  • Take out garbage – Recycling bins, garbage bins and compost bins should be emptied daily.
  • Organize mail – Any mail that may be laying around your home should be sorted and put away.
  • Do a quick wipe down – Any spots in your main living areas that need a wipe down, such as the coffee table, should be wiped down.



Doing daily household chores will reduce the time spent when you need to perform a deep clean. Divide your household chores into different categories and lists and in no time you will know how to manage your household chores daily.



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How to Manage Household Chores Daily

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