A Year’s Worth of Ideas for Marriage Date Nights

For the first 12 years of our marriage we were just us. Every night was like date nights because we sat down just the 2 of us for dinner. We grew close to each other. We learned to rely on each other for everything from emotional support to warm toes under the covers. A Year's Worth of Date Nights~Do you date your husband? You should. Make a date night with your husband! Prioritize date nights for just the 2 of you with this year's worth of ideas. | Renée at Great Peace #marriagemoments

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But, Little Man came along. He brought an amazing amount of joy into our lives. He is a great blessing. Yet the focus of our marriage changed. We went from focusing on each other to focusing on parenthood. Which is, as every parent knows, important. Yet, we forgot somewhere along the way to prioritize our relationship.
My dear friend Cinda, a few years ago, reminded me of first things. We get so caught up in our children’s lives, but the reality is that our first things should be God the Father through Jesus Christ, then our marriage, then our children.
Little Man will grow up. He will move out one day and have a family of his own. We will then look at each other across the dinner table again and see each other as strangers. Unless ,we determine to re-focus our vision for our marriage. That’s what we have done. We tried a little over a year and a half ago but just couldn’t seem to make time for each other. We would go on date nights sporadically and took opportunities to go away for a couples weekend here or there, but it never really got going.

Making Marriage Date Nights a Priority

Then we celebrated our 20th anniversary a few summers ago and for some reason we have committed to making time for each other. We try to have at least one a date night a month.
Having date nights, can spark something in a couple. It bonds you, creates a connection and helps to develop open lines of communication. I’ve noticed that we are checking in with each other at home throughout the month in ways that we perhaps didn’t before. I do think however that we just are touching base on a more regular basis. 

A Years Worth of Ideas for Date Nights


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Remember that as you go about your date nights, stop often, lean in, and kiss. Don’t forget that kisses are an important part of marriage intimacy. Remember your love for each other, and kiss, often.

1- Take a walk around a bookstore.

This is one of my favorite things to do. It’s funny because our tastes are varied when it comes to what to look at, but as we meander through the store we find our selves separating as we peruse and then coming back together. We brush hands show each other our finds, then wander off again. We find we do that over and over until we each have perused the store at our own paces. Then you can head to dinner. 

2- Fondue Night

Need I say more?

3- Japanese Steakhouse

What’s more thrilling than sitting next to a hot grill as flames dash about right in front of your face? It sure gets the adrenaline pumping. Of course trying a foreign cuisine is always fun, and being together with your man makes it even more exciting. 

4- Sit Together for an Hour

For a quick and easy date with your man, step outside your house and sit on your porch or under the tree in your yard for an hour, just holding hands or relaxing.

5- Take a Hike

This was a date we enjoyed much more when we were young. Now, we find it much more of a struggle so we would stick to a shorter hike. But, for my young married readers, hiking with your man is very romantic.

6- Skip Dinner

Go straight for a very decadent dessert.

7- Movie: Go Semi-formal

At first it might seem silly to walk into the theater over dressed, but when your Beloved sees how good you look, it will be worth it! Our society has become so casually oriented that we forget that date night is a special occasion. So dress up a little more than usual for going out with your spouse. Wear a dress and heels, encourage him to wear a dress shirt and tie, even if it’s with jeans.

Why? Because it’s important to offer to each other your best effort. 

8- Mini-golf or Bowling

A little friendly competition is always a fun way to spend time together. Grab food at the snack bar and make an evening out of it. No rushing… Just friendly play with a bit of flirting thrown in.

9- Go for a Cruise

No not on a boat out on the open waters. A cruise in your car. This one takes a little pre-planning.

Drive to a nearby town and become tourists. Stop in at the downtown shops, find a local restaurant that maybe you haven’t been to before. Visit the local museum or a local park. Then ask him if he wants to get a local hotel room for the night. 

This is where the pre-planning comes in, make arrangements for the kids to spend a night with a friend or family member. You can, if you choose, pre-arrange reservations, but the real fun comes in when you don’t have a plan and you have to find a place together. 

10- Discover a New Cuisine Together

Whether it’s Thai or Spanish, try something NEW. Go on, try something that maybe you have never considered trying before. I dare you!

11- Go to the Theater

Not a movie, the theater. Find a play, or even ballet. Even in small towns you can go to a high school production. The point is going to the theater is a grown up thing to do, it usually means buying tickets in advance leading to anticipation of time together. You can dress up a bit and not feel out of place, and again, putting your best foot forward for the one you love is important.| 

12- Surprise Him with Tickets to a Sporting Event

There is always a sporting event going on. It doesn’t matter if it’s his favorite sport or not. Maybe, just maybe the 2 of you will discover a new passion for a game you’ve never expected before. Like perhaps, hockey, tennis or lacrosse. The goal is to show him that you care enough about him to try and meet him where he is. 

13- A Treasure Hunt  (Okay, so it’s a bakers dozen of ideas.)

 A few years ago I did this for Beloved and it was a huge hit. It takes a lot of pre-planning on your part, but it is well worth it. Mystery leads to romance. Be creative, think of bits of treasures around town that have specific meaning for your relationship, whether it’s where you bought your wedding rings, or a local retailer who sells his favorite perfume. Write up little clues for each location.

Take those clues to each place and make a purchase there. This is important because the retailer won’t want to pass over clues to your man if you’re leaving treasures from other locations. So really you are just pre-paying for items he’s picking up, with a hint attached. Then explain to that retailer what your up to and ask them to hold the package for your guy.

Don’t make the clues too tough, just a little mystery will go a long way. Of course at the end of the treasure hunt, he finds his greatest treasure, You!

Bonus Tip: You are an adult! 

That means that you can go out on ANY night of the week. What we have discovered is that you get the best tables, the best service and the quiet time your looking for if you go out on a Tuesday or Thursday evening. Weekends are loud, noisy, crowded, and are not intimate with crowded restaurants and businesses. Remember that your goal for a date is to reconnect with EACH OTHER, not to be seen by others. So go ahead and be an adult, I give you permission.

What are your best ideas and tips for date nights? I’d love to know more, who knows maybe they’ll make the next list.



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