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I’m sorry this post is going up so late today. I haven’t been feeling well and spent most of today in bed.

Now on to Marriage Moment:
I recently was blessed to spend a couple of weeks at my mom and dads. They have been blessed to be married for over 56 years. While there I explained to my mom about this little weekly blog posting that I’ve been doing. (My parents do not have a computer!) I asked her what bit of advice from her experience would she give to young brides.

“They need to learn to talk to their husbands.” was her reply. She went on to explain that for much of her marriage she was afraid to tell her husband (my dad) how she really felt about things. She didn’t want to upset him. So that left them always skirting issues and not having heartfelt talks about things, even the little things are important in a marriage, she says. “Men, do not always see things the way that we do, so we need to tell them our side of it.” she explained.

I would say from my own experience, I tend to do the same thing. So from what mama says… I’m trying to do better.

How about you? Do you internalize your feelings or come right out with them? How do you approach your husband with these feelings? Are you a hands off my feelings kind of girl? Or, do you share it all with your spouse?


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Marriage Moment

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