Marriage Moment, This Kiss

Connecting with Your Husband

Do you remember that moment when he first kissed you? You know, him, the guy your married to. Was it an unexpected, ‘Oh wow, I can’t believe he did that.‘ moment? Or was it an exciting, curl your toes and make you swoon kind of moments?

Connecting with Your Husband
Regardless of how the first kiss happened, I imagine it’s ingrained in your memory. Girls are kind of like that. We remember details that don’t matter to anyone. Details like; where we were, what was happening around us, what we were wearing and how we felt.
Is that still how you feel now when you get, or give, a kiss to your husband?

A Kiss with Purpose

How long have you been married? If you have been married for more than a few years, I dare say you may have reached a point where a kiss, is routine. You might give a peck before parting and a quick greeting when you return to each other. Perhaps you kiss goodnight and then settle in for a night of sleep. I’m not talking about those intimate, in the bedroom, times. I’m talking about your daily greetings, partings and connecting as husband and wife.

Do you purpose your kisses? I mean, do you stop what your doing, and focus on that reconnection kiss? My guess is, and I speak as a woman who has been married for 22 years, that you don’t. My guess is, that you both give and get that kiss out of routine. It’s not that you don’t care, or that you don’t love, it’s that you have (most likely both of you) become complacent.

During that first week of your marriage, did you image you would ever be complacent about your kiss? Didn’t you think that you would be smooching till the proverbial cows came home? As we get older, and responsibilities become the focus of our lives, we forget the passion we shared in just a kiss.

Remembering Your First Kisses
It’s not too late to change how you kiss. You can decide to make each kiss be more meaningful. You can decide to allow the kiss to be what you intend it to be, more than just a complacent, perfunctory thing that you do because, well, you should. It can be that moment of passion given each and every day, or twice a day or as often as you want to feel a loving connection with your man.  

A kiss Can Mean So Many Things

It Can…

  • Be a Sign of Love
  • Signify a Passionate Connection
  • Show Affection
  • Offer a Caring Acknowledgment
  • Signal Understanding
  • Be a Show of Respect
  • Be a Sign of  Gentleness
  • Be a Wish for Better
  • Be a Sorrowful Mourning
  • Be a Loving Goodbye
  • Be an Invitation for Intimacy

The list could go on because a kiss is personal to the two who share it. But we, as women, never imagined it would be complacent.

A few weeks ago, I was struck by the reality of complacency in kisses. It wasn’t my intention to be complacent and I’m sure it wasn’t my Beloved’s either. Yet, I noticed one day upon his return home that we gave a quick kiss hello. In my mind I was instantly taken back to our first year of marriage and how our hello kiss was not at all like that. So, I looked at him, leaned in, held his face and gave him a kiss, like I meant it.

He was as blown away as I was. In that moment, I made a decision to be more purposeful in our kisses. So today, I’m sharing with you some ways that I’ve made an extra effort to let him know I love him with just a kiss.

10 Tips to Make Marriage Kisses More Meaningful

10 Tips for More Meaningful Kisses

1- Stop what you are doing.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? But the reality is we get distracted, or super focused on what’s before us, and tune out everything else. It might be watching TV, reading a book, cooking dinner, dealing with the kids, or spending time online, but to make your kiss more meaningful, stop what you are doing.

2- Focus just on the kiss.

Don’t be distracted by the above mentioned things. Your marriage should be the 2nd most important relationship in your life, (God through Christ being first). If it is, then nothing should distract you from sharing the kiss.

3- Lean into him.

He is a man, strong, and virile. Let him hold you for just a moment, as you lean into his kiss.

4- Hold his face

Or, wrap your fingers around his neck. Let him know you are giving him your full attention with a gentle, loving touch during the kiss.

5- Realize the special moment

Every kiss you share with your Beloved is special! Every One!

6- Hold the kiss.

Just a few seconds longer and he’ll take notice for sure.

7- Breath IN

Somehow breathing in during a kiss connects you on a deeper level.

8- Hug

Follow up that kiss with a big hug, let it linger for just a moment.

9- Look Him in the Eye

Connect with him and let him see the love in your eyes.

10- Tell Him you Love Him

He already knows it, you already know it, the kiss just confirmed it, yet, it needs to be heard. So take the few seconds it takes and say it.

Then go back to what you were doing. He may be surprised the first few times you do this. He may even ask what’s up. It’s OK, to talk with him about it. In fact, it’s good if you do. He’ll see you’re making extra effort to put him first. You may find, he too becomes more purposeful in how he approaches each moment of the kiss with you.
What I have noticed by making a concerted effort to do this is that Beloved and I are connecting to each other with all of our senses. I feel a closer bond with him and I sense he feels the same. I am finding that we are more at ease with each other throughout the day and we look forward to those moments when we can greet again with the kiss.
We are having more conversations and sharing our feelings, thoughts and ideas with each other, because we feel connected.
So take this Marriage Moment and let it encourage you, inspire you and help you to reconnect to your own Beloved, and throw complacency right out the door as you greet your husband.

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What tips do you have for connecting with your husband in a way that is purposed?
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10 Replies to “Marriage Moment, This Kiss

  1. Renee this is very sweet,a beautiful reminder of not just that moment of the first kiss, but to forever cherish and hold true to all of them till death do you part. how many times in the mundane do we need to make our marriage kisses important to your marriage and family foundation.

  2. This is such a sweet article, and I am glad to have found your blog. My family is now in recovery from a very rough past couple of years. My husband finally had neurosurgery to help get things better, and it explains why everything never made sense. While he was in his operation, I remember thinking how much I would miss his kisses if he were to not recover. My kiss goodbye to him that day was so powerful.
    My kids don’t know this, but when they have fallen into deep sleep in the middle of the night, I check on them and kiss their foreheads. Thank you for shining a light on the importance of kisses.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! I remember when I first got married a slightly older lady shared with me the importance of always parting by telling each other that you love them. She had a husband with a health issue and always wanted to ensure that they shared that in the event it would be for the last time. We Never Know When that last might come!
      So reminding about Kisses is equally important isn’t it?

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