Marriage Moment: We’re in This Together

Most days that the Lord allows you to awake, you wake with certain knowledge of how your life is. Like knowing you have food, clothing and a home. I alluded in a previous post that life is unpredictable, but I did not expound upon that.

A week and a half ago while going through the regular routine of my day, my husband called and asked me to pray. He and all the other employees where he works was informed that the company made the decision to cease operations on August 31. He and I woke up that morning with the certainty of his income only to discover that we were wrong.

We are in this together though. He’s losing his job of 13 years but I’m right beside him as we both lose the stability that income provides.

Remember the vows… For richer or poorer. We can’t just give up on our marriage just because life is getting tougher. In fact, we need to draw closer together. We need to grow closer ti the Father in united prayers. We need ti rely on each other to work as a team to meet our family needs.

The last thing he needs right now, is a nagging wife bothering him with things that he cannot control. Rather, he needs me to lovingly encourage him and remind him of God’s promises.

In the next few weeks and months as we face together the monster of uncertainty, I pray that we will ever the more grow to rely on God to be our shelter in troubled times, for He is our Rock and Refuge. We are in this together with Him.

How do you face troubled times?

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