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Math Defined with Math Dictionary | #math #gtchat
I’m one of those homeschool moms who gets more than a little nervous about teaching math. It’s kind of scary in fact. I know I’m not alone in this, so often I hear moms say “I dread teaching upper level math.”

For me upper level math started last year and continues this year. As an affiliate blogger for Prufrock Press  I am so thankful that I was given to review Math Dictionary for Kids, written by Theresa R. Fitzgerald.

Whenever we have questions about spelling, definitions of words, or even grammar we pull a dictionary off the shelf and at our fingertips we find the answers to our questions. Math however has been an illusive mystery.

This Math Dictionary solves that problem.

Math Defined with Math Dictionary | #math #gtchat

This dictionary is divided into clear categories and each category has listings in alphabetical order. From Whole Numbers Operations to Algebraic Ideas, Geometry, Decimals, Formulas and more, this book clearly defines each term and how that term operates in a mathematics.

Sometimes, we simply get tripped up on the unique vocabulary that is math. Yet, if we are given a standard by which we can understand the vocabulary we can unlock the mystery of mathematics.

Math Dictionary for Kids does just that!

Little Man is so excited by this book that after school is over each day he asks if he can take it and read it. That’s because he has a mind for math. Even if your child struggles in math this book can help put those terms into simple, easy to understand, definitions.

Math Defined with Math Dictionary | #math #gtchat

This dictionary is every homeschool moms dream!
So how about you? Do you struggle with teaching math? Do you have children who struggle learning math? Or, do you, like me, have a child who thinks math is awesome and can’t get enough?

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    1. Hi Amber,
      Thanks for letting everyone know how great a resource this is. Yes it would get used a ton! And thanks to my Math Dictionary, I know that equals 2,000 pounds. 😉

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