Mid-Year Classroom Redo

Updating for a Fresh Look with a Classroom Redo

Mid-year classroom redo at Great Peace Academy
If you are a regular reader, you know that in the winter we burn firewood as our main heat source. This particular winter has been especially cold for Ohio. So in order to conserve heat, we closed off the classroom and moved the learning to the dining room. But the classroom quickly became cluttered since that happened the classroom has become a dumping ground for all things that didn’t have a home. It was seriously in need of a classroom redo.
Embarrassingly here is the before photo:
So on Saturday my friend Sam posted on facebook and twitter that her classroom was cluttered as well, because of a similar reason; their family had taken to schooling in the dining room. She being quite OCD set out to clean up, so I was motivated to get started on mine as well. But, I couldn’t just clean up. NO! Sam’s OCD rubbed off on me. I had to do a complete re-do and spring clean as I went.

Here are the After Photo’s of my Mid-year Classroom Redo

 I do think that looks so much better. 
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