10 Middle School Periodicals every Kid will Love

Have you considered that old fashioned snail mail can inspire your kids to read? And, it can prompt them to write as well. Magazines for Kids can help your kids to read for fun. But I wanted to offer you additional options because kids interests vary. Utilizing mail is a great way to encourage reading in an exciting way and there is no better way to do so with pre-teen kids than with middle school periodicals.

10 Middle School Periodicals you should Subscribe to. | Great Peace Academy

That’s why today I am sharing with you 10 resources for finding magazine subscriptions for your children. Most of these periodical options are for upper elementary through middle school because that is the age range my child is, but most of these publishers have a variety of options in all age ranges so be sure to take a look around. 

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10 Magazine Subscriptions for Kids

  1. Cricket Media – This publishing house offers several magazine subscriptions in all age groups and with a variety of interest focuses, including American History, arts, and science. They are $33.95 for an annual subscription.
  2. Discovery – This magazine from Apologetics Press is a science faith-based magazine for kids written from a Christian Biblical worldview. This periodical explores scientific evidences and Bible topics, with puzzles and activities to reinforce what they are learning. The recommended age is for children ages 8-12 but can be enjoyed by the whole family. The cost is $14 per year or $26 or 2 years, homeschoolers can get a 10% discount.
  3. Fun for Kidz Magazines – Along with Boys Quest and Hopscotch for girls these ad free wholesome options are perfect for boys or girls. Take a look here at my recent review and get a discount code. Each magazine comes with a 6 month subscription for $32.95.
  4. Highlights Magazines – Yes they still produce Highlights. And you can get them in your home. From 0 to 12 these fun-filled, educational magazines are a staple of families across the country. The moment you open one you instantly remember being a kid and finding hidden pictures, reading poems, and fun short stories for kids. These annual subscriptions are $39.96 for 12 issues. 
  5. Ingredient – The food magazine for kids. Do you have kids who love to cook, or are interested in exploring the myriad flavors of food? This mag is the right one for your child. 6 issues per year for $35.
  6. LEGO Club Magazine – I’m a boy mom, so he totally loves the LEGO Club magazine for its comic book feel. Everytime one comes in, he gets super excited, and off he goes to read it cover to cover. But I notice that he revisits those again and again. Plus, they are free!
  7. National Geographic Kids a science and nature magazine written from a secular worldview. The graphics and science information in this magazine is both fun and educational. As a Christian mom, I use this magazine to compare and contrast worldviews in a fun, non-confontational way. It allows my son to grow his knowledge of science but also explore for himself scientific evidences under the watchful eye of mom. You can get an annual subscription (6 magazines) for $15. Recommended age is 6 and up. 
  8. Stone Soup is a bi-monthly magazine featuring short stories, poems and art written by kids. 6 issues per year for $37.
  9. Time for Kids – A good way to help your kids understand news and current events stories without it being too overwhelming.
  10. Zoo Books These zoo focused subscriptions offer three different periodicals in three age ranges, each $29.95 for an annual (9 mailings) subscription. Each one is themed around an animal, with diagrams, illustrations, scientific information, photos, and more. These make for an excellent way to connect scientific animal learning with reading.

Ok, so I have one more I want to tell you about because I know many of you who come here regularly do so because I write about homeschooling a gifted child. So I wanted to tell you about Creative Kids Magazine, which is published by Prufrock Press. It is made up of articles written by kids. It is $24.95 for a 1 year subscription.

Using periodicals allows kids to explore their own interests through reading in short easily digestible ways. Because there are beautiful graphics the child’s interests are piqued and you can find them drawn in and reading in a natural way. 

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