Top 10 Music Appreciation Curricula for Homeschoolers

This is the second part to teaching Music in your Homeschool. Sometimes the easiest way to include a subject into our learning days is to have a complete music curriculum that guides us through the process. Which is why I’m sharing the top 10 music appreciation curricula that are available to homeschoolers.   

Music Appreciation Curriculum | #music #musicappreciation #homeschool

 Homeschoolers need not worry that there aren’t music materials available to them. Over the last 20 years homeschooling has grown exponentially. With that comes an amazing market of products to meet every need in your educational journey. There are some wonderful music curriculum that can help you teach the subject regardless of your own personal experience.

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My Music Appreciation Curricula Reviews

I’ve written a few music curriculum product reviews which might help you to narrow down which ones you’ld like to use for your schooling needs.

 Homeschool Music Appreciation Curricula

I love both SQUILT and Zeezok Music Appreciation products. Because I’m an ecclectic homeschooler I would often pull lesson materials from a variety of scources including Lesson Planet or Khan Academy. So, it’s hard for me to say which would be my first or second pick.

Music Appreciation Curriculum | #music #musicappreciation #homeschool
  1. SQUILT Music Appreciation teaches students how to actively listen to music and identify the musicality, instrumentation, and dynamics of music.
  2. Gena at Music in Our Homeschool offers a wide variety of online self-paced courses for every age group in homeschooling. You’ll love the ease of use and well thought out progression as your students learn to work on their own.
  3. Maestro Classics is a great option for any homeschooler who uses Charlotte Mason’s living literature for their teaching method. These are stories set to music performed by world renowned orchestras. Plus, they include parent guides and educational tracks to help you seemlessly introduce classical music to your children.
  4. This Music Appreciation Lesson Plan by Cindy Downes from How to Homeschool Today is for high school students and that would meet the requirements for 1 credit of fine arts.
  5. The Zeezok Music Appreciation for elementary students is based on a Charlotte Mason method that incorporates hands-on learning opportunities for each unit. Use with the Zeezok Companion Readers to fully dive into the lives of the greatest composers and their music.
  6. At Accelerated Christian Education you’ll find Music Curriculum for both elementary and high school students.
  7. As is, the free Easy Peasy All in One High School Music Appreciation is worth a half credit on a high school transcript.
  8. Also free are the resources available at Khan Academy – Music. Take your student from music basics to masterpieces from classics to modern and explore the instruments of the symphony as well.
  9. In homeschooling we have the freedom to teach subjects differently than our public and even private school counterparts. If you’re not into classical music but want to educate your children in the basics of music you might enjoy the lessons from They encompass a wide array of genres and cultures from around the globe.
  10. Another option is The History of Rock and Roll by Tavia Fuller Armstrong. It was created for a homeschool co-op class for high school.

Also, be sure to discover these 31 Music Unit Studies and More Resources  that you can use to teach Music Appreciation in homeschool.

Maestro classics

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What ways do you teach music or include music in your homeschool setting?

Whatever way you choose to teach music, whether as an “extra” or as an in-depth study know that music is a wonderful way to encourage a child to develop learning skills. Just listening to music can lead to inspiration and get the ol’ juices flowing. I love having it playing in the background because I think it helps my son to focus. 

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Top 10 Music Appreciation Curricula for HomeschoolersTop 10 Music Appreciation Curricula for HomeschoolersTop 10 Music Appreciation Curricula for HomeschoolersTop 10 Music Appreciation Curricula for Homeschoolers

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  1. Thanks for including all of these resources on music in homeschool. We are big believers in making sure that whatever types of music education occur in home, include musical engagement of some kind. Even composer studies can include engaging listening projects or opportunities for children to create their own music to highlight aspects of a composer’s style. You can check out some of our activities and projects to support music in homeschool on our site:
    Raising Creative Children recently posted…Connecting children to the world through sound!My Profile

    1. Hey Thanks. I agree, music engagement is key to learning about music… even when studying facts, you are more likely to remember key information if accompanied by a musical example! — Thanks for adding an additional resource.

  2. Like food, music is a great way to get a flavor of a country. We travel a lot and so we make music study a part of prep for our journeys. We study artists and songs and music types that are famous or originated in our destination. It really makes music and travel both come alive! Next up is a trip to Greece and we are looking at the music there. Kids just love the experience and we often come back from a trip with a few CDs.

  3. Renée,
    I believe my two new classical music books for children would be very beneficial for home-schooled children but I have no idea how to get them in the hands of the parents. I saw your website and thought I would give it a try and send you my information. I too am a christian and there are numerous references of our Lord in my books. Please go to my website and see what you think.
    Thank you,
    Lana Hazlett

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