Music Appreciation Resources for Teaching Homeschool

Homeschooling allows us to dive into subjects that many public schools are abandoning. Often this is due to very tight budgets. Other times it’s because those subjects simply aren’t found on the state mandated tests.

Music appreciation is one of those subjects. But in homeschooling, we can embrace these subjects. That’s why I’m bringing you this music appreciation resources list. 

Music Appreciation Resources for Homeschool | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #musicappreciation #ihsnet

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Books to Use as a Guide for Music Appreciation for Homeschool

I believe, that music appreciation should be taught through listening, observation and participation. But,  sometimes we need to have a guide for what to introduce to our kids. I suggest using these books to guide YOU the homeschool teacher, not to give to your kids for them to read without some context. 

Teaching about Music Genres 




Books to Learn about the Lives of Great Composers

Discovering composers and the lives of the composers does have it’s place. However reading about them shouldn’t replace learning about their work through listening. For example, if your child is reading an historical non-fiction book about Schubert they should also be listening to compositions by Schubert. 


Famous Composers Notebooking Pages

 Do you know of resources that aren’t listed here? Share your favorites with me in comments. 



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Music Appreciation Resources for Teaching Homeschool

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