Must-watch Movies for Family Movie Nights

Family bonding really is easier now than it’s ever been! With everyone already spending more time at home it just makes sense doesn’t it? Or maybe because after so many months perhaps you’ve fallen into old routines of everyone doing their own thing. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to make the most of at-home family time. With this list of must-watch movies you can start doing family movie night once a week or a couple of times a month.

Must-watch Movies for Family Movie Nights | Great Peace Living #movienight #familymovies #familytime

I personally think Friday nights are the best night for family movies. But, you can certainly choose whatever night works best for your family.

We like to do dinner on the couch with pizza, or something else that’s easy to eat like, buffalo chicken taquitos.

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Then, you’ll want some simple snacks like popcorn or pretzels. From time to time instead a full-fledged dinner, I’ll make a charcuterie, or noshing board full of our family favorites.

20 Movies for Family Movie Night

Secondhand Lions
One of my all time favorite movies. This movie has something for everyone in the family. It has adventure, comedy, romance and drama. It’s a classic tale of a young boy sent to live with his quirky uncles where his unexpected experiences change his life forever.

Even adults will be enthralled with the animated adventures of this half wolf, half dog as he overcomes adversity and his own self doubt about his true character to get life saving medicine delivered to sick children.

An American Tale
A coming to America tale told from the perspective of mice. This movie is so cute and engaging that kids and adults alike will love it. There is a little history, a little humor and whole lot of adventure for everyone.

The Secret Garden
When orphaned Mary is sent to live with her uncle, she soon discovers that the mansion where she is to live has many secrets. And, as she begins to discover the mystery of The Secret Garden she finds she is far less alone than she originally thought.

Must-watch Movies for Family Movie Nights | Great Peace Living #movienight #familymovies #familytime

Spy Kids
These kids are shocked when they find out their boring parents are actually secret agents. It becomes even more interesting when their parents are taken captive by an evil genius and they must overcome their own insecurities to become unlikely heroes.

Lilo & Stitch
This movie is a timeless classic. The sisters are already down on their luck and struggling to keep their little family together when Lilo adopts an alien fugitive. The chaos that ensues will make everyone smile and the message of loyalty and family learned along the way will resonate with the whole family..

We Bought a Zoo
A story about a new beginning for a family who has suffered the devastating loss of their wife/mother. It’s a sweet family movie that includes conflict resolution in the relationship between the father and teenage son. It deals with some heavy themes, but overall it is a lot fun and includes a lot of cool animals.

The graphics in this movie are simply stunning and the story will leave you gasping throughout. Your whole family will thrill to come along as Hugo discovers the key to the mystery that leads him to exactly what he has been searching for.

The Princess Bride
This is a classic movie that our family has watched again and again. So many quotable one liners from this movie. It appeals to everyone with sword fighting, romance, giants and pirates. It does have some intense scenes that may be scary to more sensitive young children, so as always, please use your judgement for what is suitable for your family.

The Game Plan
A pro football player finds out he has a daughter he didn’t know existed. She is sassy and sweet and steals his heart in no time. Everyone in your family will relate to the obstacles they have to work through as their relationship develops.

Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
Join the adventure as four siblings discover the hidden Narnia. These children become heroes as they fight the witch to save Aslan the lion king.

How to Train Your Dragon
I honestly love this whole series. The characters are so lovable and fun. The unlikely friendship between Hiccup and his dragon is rocky at first, but fiercely loyal by the end. Your whole family will cheer for Hiccup as he finds his own way in a world that is not kind to people who don’t conform.

The Lego Movie
This movie is so fun for kids and adults. The humor is sophisticated enough that adults appreciate it, but simple enough that kids get it. Lego lovers will especially appreciate the movie because everything is Lego themed. It is full of action with explosions everywhere and a dastardly villain trying to control everything forever.

This movie will be truly loved by everyone in the family. It is engaging for toddlers with its colorful characters and happy music. The dialogue is engaging and funny for adults. The message of diversity and getting along with others who may be different than you is so appropriate for the current times.

Inside Out
This movie personifies the emotions of a little girl and what the emotions are doing in her brain as she navigates a difficult change in her life. It is a funny, creative movie with a serious message. Watch it just for fun or use it as a starting point for the family to talk about their emotions and how different situations affect them.

This movie is a twist on the fairy tale Rapunzel. The main character is sweet and brave, while being very naive from being held in a tower all her life. The romance is light and fun and you will be cheering for Flynn to win the day. Overall, the music and dialogue is very entertaining and the movie has enough danger and angst to keep everyone interested.

Where the Red Fern Grows
This classic tale will make you laugh, and cry as Billy faces the reality of growing up. Life can be harsh, but also full of promise. This movie is a family favorite that spans generations.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu
Even if you don’t play Pokemon, you’ll enjoy this movie. It has a 50’s crime vibe with suspense and mystery that will keep the whole family guessing. And Detective Pikachu is just adorable.

Max Keebles Big Move
Your teens will enjoy this movie. When a boy finds out he only has a week left at his current school, he uses the opportunity to get revenge on the people who have been making his life miserable. Of course, things don’t go quite as planned and he learns a lot of life lessons through his hilarious schemes.

Despicable Me
This is one of those movies that I did not think I was going to like, but the super villain turned good theme is so well done that you can’t help but root for him. The 3 little girls he adopts are so adorable that you fall in love with them right along with him. The minions add a silliness that appeals to even the youngest viewers. Watch this one. It will surprise you.

What is your family’s favorite movie? Is it animated, or live action? Family movie nights build memories that sit with children for years to come.

Must-watch Movies for Family Movie Nights | Great Peace Living #movienight #familymovies #familytime

Must-watch Movies for Family Movie Nights

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