Ohio Homeschooling

Ohio Homeschooling Guide & Directory

What You’ll Discover in Ohio Homeschooling

This guide and directory is more than just a starter guide for new homeschool moms. It’s filled to the brim with information and resources for homeshooling from every region in the state of Ohio and includes extensive research on learning opportunities in all 88 counties.

Ohio Homeschooling How to Get started | Great Peace Living #homeschooling #ohiohomeschool #ihsnet #homeschoomom
  • The guide offers information on the state’s legal requirements.
  • You’ll find advice on how to manage notifications, portfolio assessments as well as resources for legal support. 
  • The directory shares an extensive listing of homeschool groups and co-ops for each region of the state.
  • You’ll also discover a listing of enhancement classes that are available to homeschoolers, from science classes, to the arts, and more.
  • The Field Trip Directory has hundreds of ideas to get your students out of the homeschool classroom and out into the real world, for hands-on, eyes on learning adventures.
  • There is a handy reference guide for Homeschooling methods.
  • You’ll also see a listing to help you locate educational supplies from retailers around the state and online.

A Closer Look at Ohio Homeschooling

Homeschool Legalities

  • Requirements for Home Education
  • Sources for legal assistance, if needed.
  • Academic Assessment Requirements, Options and How-To’s.
  • Recent changes to educational laws regarding home education.

Enhancement Opportunities

  • Homeschool Co-ops, Support Groups & Meet up groups.
  • Enhancement Class Options

Field Trip Destinations

  • Arts
  • Business & Industry
  • Farms
  • Nature Centers
  • History Locations, Museums
  • Sports
  • Zoos
  • and More

Homeschooling Methods

  • Teaching Styles
  • Learning Styles
  • Curriculum options designed for specific styles.

Additional Support

  • Statewide Support Organizations
  • Local Retail Stores
  • Online Stores
  • Used Curriculum Sources in the State
  • My Favorite Curriculum
  • Online Support

Preview Ohio Homeschooling

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Mark Stevenson, founder and director of Ohioans for Educational Freedom says: 

“This is a most-needed resource for anyone home schooling, or considering home schooling! Renee was quite thorough and she outlines everything one needs. From my nearly 28 years of being a home school dad in Ohio, I think this is something every homeschooling parent should possess. You will refer to it over and over.”

Becky Boerner M. Ed. from OhioHomeschool.blogspot.com and professional teacher and homeschool assessor says:

“I feel this is an AMAZING resource for families home educating in the state of Ohio!   Renee answers your questions and provides great resources to help you with your home education journey. This is the guide I wish I’d had when I started home educating years ago.”

Heather Greutman  from Golden Reflections Blog says: 

“What I love about Renee’s ebook is that it is a comprehensive guide to everything homeschooling in Ohio. Not only does she give a brief overview of the homeschooling laws in Ohio, she also provides links and resources to the needed documentation, state, and legal websites. She also gives ideas and suggestions for how she has followed the homeschool laws here in Ohio. For someone who has never homeschooled before or is new to homeschooling in Ohio, these ideas are very helpful!”

Joan Otto from Unschooling Rules and our neighboring state of Pennsylvania says:

“Renée has done an amazing job compiling the most thorough resource I’ve ever seen for homeschoolers of all kinds. We actually live in Pennsylvania but are exploring the laws and options in nearby states for our own reference, and that’s why I originally read Renée’s guide. Surprise bonus? I found no less than a dozen places we’re going to explore in some “family field trips” to Ohio this year. I was thrilled! I’m hoping to create a similar guide for homeschoolers in Pennsylvania and I hope it can be even half as helpful as this one is for anyone homeschooling in Ohio!”

Davonne Parks from Davonne Parks in Writing says: 

“Renee did not leave any area of Ohio untouched when she researched homeschool opportunities and I’m adding many of her ideas to my “must visit” list.” 

Ohio Homeschooling Guide & Directory Everything You Want to Know about Homeschooling in Ohio | GreatPeaceAcademy.com
Ohio Homeschooling How to Get started | Great Peace Living #homeschooling #ohiohomeschool #ihsnet #homeschoomom

Ohio is a wonderful state in which to homeschool, with the state’s rich history, expansive industry, and dynamic cultural variety, the possibilities for field trips and classes abound. Overall, there are some wonderful things happening in Ohio for homeschoolers.  With recent additions to educational laws our legislators are recognizing the growing population of home educators and are creating laws that reflect well upon homeschoolers.

As homeschooling continues to grow, more and more families want to know how to homeschool, where to find resources, and where to find support for the journey.  That is why I have written this guide which covers each of these areas, and more.