My Favorite Recipes

Utilizing my Stocked Kitchen

Because we are talking about meal planning I’m sharing kitchen products that I find useful in my home. These may help you in your in your meal preparation. These links will lead you to other sites where if you like, you can purchase what I’ve recommended. Doing so doesn’t cost you any extra it simply earns me a commission, which is how I help to support my family.

Recipes from 10 Days of Meal Planning

I want to share with you some of my favorite recipes. These are recipes that I can make based upon what I keep in my well-stocked kitchen. If I am out of an ingredient, I either don’t make the recipe or I substitute something that I have on hand. I am not one to follow an exact recipe, neither was my mom, or mammaw, or any of my 6 aunts that I grew up surrounded by. A recipe for us is simply a suggestion, we then alter and change it based upon, 1. preference and 2. availability. So when it comes to the recipes I am sharing, feel free to change it up, experiment and by all means use what you have on hand.

 Other Favorite Recipes

What are your favorite meals? How do you use your kitchen pantry to it’s fullest potential? Drop me a line and let’s chat about it.

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