The New Years Bucket List for Families 

New years is such an exciting time for both parents and children alike. Not only does the coming new year signify growth but it also brings in a fresh start. With plenty of opportunities to enjoy the new year as a family, there are ways to make it even better. This year, you can make a new years bucket list for your family.

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It is a great way to countdown to the new year, with a fantastic list of must do’s before the clock strikes midnight, signifying a new year.

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11 New Years Bucket List Items

• Dress up

The fun part of new years eve at home with your family, is that you can get dressed up in whatever you want. Whether you make it a pajama party, put on your fanciest attire, or make it a costume party, get dressed up and get ready to enjoy the night.

• Make Some Noise

Get your noise makers ready for when the clock strikes midnight. If you don’t have any laying around the house, you can always make your own by filling an empty water bottle with coins or buttons.


• Drink Special Beverages

Make a special mocktail out of any juice by adding a little bit of sparkling water to it. Jazz it up with a sugar rimmer and maybe a cut strawberry or lemon slice. This is a fun way to cheers the coming new year and enjoy a delicious drink.

Find some great Mocktail Recipes for Kids at 3 Boys and a Dog.

•  Make Your Resolutions

If you haven’t decided in your new year’s resolutions yet, now is a great time to get started. Sit down as a family with pens and paper and discuss what you are going to do this year to make it the best one yet.

Better yet, set attainable goals for the family. Maybe it’s designating a specific night as family night, or prioritizing being hospitable in your home. Set goals that you know you can achieve, rather than resolutions you know you’ll abandon. 

• Reflect on the Past Year

Sit down with your family and reflect upon what positive things have happened over the last year. Write down all the things you are grateful for over the past year and share with the family.

• Make a Toast

Use your special drinks to make a toast to the entire family. Go around the table and have everyone share a positive wish for the other family members and use this opportunity to tell people how you feel about them.

• Gather Around & Play board Games

When the family is all together it’s a great time to laugh, joke, and have a friendly bit of competition. Pull out your family favorite board games and spend the evening playing and having fun, together. And that’s the key… having fun together.

• Make Important Phone Calls

Call loved ones near and far using your favorite video call app.

Have a family chat with those important to you that you can’t be with over new years and wish them a happy new year.

• Take in Some Fireworks

Check your local listings to see if your community is offering a firework show. Bundle up the entire family and head out to take in a beautiful and exciting display.

Just don’t forget to pack some hot chocolate in a thermos.

• Take a Family Photo

Document your family welcoming in the new year with a family photo. It doesn’t have to be perfect either, capture your family in a natural state, happy and excited for the year to come.

• Tune In

There are several different new years eve television events your family can tune into. Turn on the tube and watch the ball drop to celebrate the coming year with your family.

There are so many ways to celebrate new years with your family and creating and completing a new years eve bucket list is a fantastic way to enjoy the celebrations and take in a little bit of everything before the clock strikes midnight.




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