Notebooking for Homeschool

When homeschooling starts in the middle of a year when most conferences were canceled, libraries are closed, shipping is delayed, and new to the market materials have been stalled due to printing struggles many homeschool moms are left wondering how they will be able to effectively homeschool. I learned a long time ago, when you don’t know what to do, notebooking for homeschool is an excellent way to organize, and document learning.

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Notebooking is simply a way of journaling what someone is learning. The wonderful thing about notebooking is that it’s progressive. As a child learns, they document, in their own way and to their own skill level. Some children simply draw what they learn while others take notes, or write small paragraphs.

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Notebooking pages can be printed from any at-home printer. Or, you can simply use a notebook and let the kids create their own journal.

If you, like me, prefer something a bit more guided I recommend Productive Homeschooling’s notebooking pages.

Top Notebooking Resources for Homeschool Moms

The ProSchool Membership from is the most comprehensive homeschool membership for all things notebooking!

The membership has thousands of notebooking pages covering hundreds of specific topics and hundreds of template designs for that members can also use to create custom notebooking pages.

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Everything is included with your membership.

So why notebooking? Notebooking makes learning more enjoyable, provides longer retention, builds a variety of skills, and most importantly, develops lifelong learners.

Debra Reed, owner and publisher at Productive Homeschooling shares 10 of her favorite benefits of notebooking.

10 Benefits of Notebooking for Homeschool

  • Engages your child in his learning.  
    Notebooking requires a child to put what he’s learned into his own words and/or pictures.
  • No longer dependent or tied down to a curriculum or resource … 
    Gather books and let your kids read, and use notebooks to document their studies. Or, use online resources, classes, or videos to let kids learn. You can use notebooking for any study or experience, with your favorite curriculum or without.
  • Encourages delight-directed learning.
    Kids can choose topics that interest them or use notebooking to complete studies in their own way
  • Doesn’t limit learning to prepackaged answers. 
    Kids get to show what they learned and can be as creative (or not creative) as they want
  • Language arts is woven into notebooking, grammar, spelling, and writing skills are practiced naturally in notebooking.
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  • Creates confident writers without the tears as kids work and progress at their own level starting with copying parts of their own oral narrations.
  • Provides instant documentation of learning as the student works the growing notebook speaks for itself.
  • Notebooks are a great review tool. Students will enjoy reviewing when they see their own thoughts reflected in their notebooks. They’ll be excited to share what they’ve learned
  • Notebooks are a homeschool keepsake. The collection of notebooks is a tangible, nostalgic representation of the home learning journey.
  • Helps to Build skills for lifelong learning. Notebooking builds active listening, effective communication, and deeper thinking skills.

Cut out the busywork with notebooking … join today!

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If you are new to homeschooling, or you are a veteran, an only-child homeschooler, or a large family homeschooler, notebooking is a tool that will help you to keep all their learning organized.

Notebooking works with all types of education methods, from Charlotte Mason to Unschooling. And, if you are an eclectic schooler, like I am, these are a great accompaniment to unit studies. They can help to tie together all aspects of learning.

Learn more about how you can homeschool your children.

Notebooking for Homeschool

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