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 The Perfect Family Plan For Us, Only Child

 Being parents to an only child was never in our family planning. I would have chosen for myself a houseful of children, while my husband would have been content with 2-3. We learned early on in our marriage that family planning belongs not to us, but to God. Letting go of our preconceived ideas of family planning we sought to live contentedly as only a couple.  

After years of being an only couple family we were surprised one day, quite unexpectedly, and without any planning on our part, when a loving older couple from our congregation asked us if we would be willing to adopt their grandson. 

Meet Little Man, Our Only Child

Two weeks later we brought home our precious Little Man. It’s been over 11 years since that day and while having an only child wasn’t the plan we envisioned we now realize that His plan for our life was the perfect plan for us.

Only Child

Having chosen homeschool for our education choice we soon discovered the many biases that exist for families of only children. We learned that society sees only children as spoiled, as lonely and perhaps even as deprived. 

While only child families who are homeschooling are in the minority we are not alone. In fact, I have 4 friends in real life who are homeschooling only children and I know several more online. Whatever your family looks like, is the “normal” that is perfect for you. 

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By Jimmie Lanley and Amy Stults 



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