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An Educational Game App That Teaches Chemistry

Atomidoodle: A Fun Periodic Table Game App | Great Peace Academy

Mom!, did you know that helium is a super-fluid?” Jonathan asked me as we were driving one day.

Me, giggling, “Oh Yeah? What else?

The strange fluid can slip through gaps in glass molecules and drip out of an airtight container.” he excitedly shares.

He then spent 30 minutes regaling me with facts and trivia about the elements of the periodic table.

Just a couple of days before I had received a free download of the app, Atomidoodle, by Hero Factor Games, which is now available on Google Play for Android Devices, in addition to being available for iPad, for the purposes of doing this paid review. Which simply means that I am compensated for the time it takes to research, write and publish the review. I’m sharing all of my own opinions of this app, along with those of my son, because I think your child/children will enjoy this game and learn a great deal from this educational app.

I installed the app, showed it to him, and he began to discover the periodic table, earth’s elements, atomic numbers, protons and more. Up until that point we had not really explored the science of chemistry or elements. 

A Game App You’ll be Thrilled to Let Your Kids Play

My son can’t keep his hands off my tablet and I know that you’ll have the same problem. It is a fun app that is both educational and challenging. The original music track keeps my son humming along as the atoms rush along on the atomic pathways as he tries to get the exact atomic number needed into the examinator. 

 Atomidoodle Game App Review. How Kids can learn the Periodic Table in a Fun Game App. | Great Peace Academy

My son, who is a gifted learner, loves absorbing facts, information and anything that has a system of orderliness. To him this app is like striking gold.  It opened the door to a new and exciting world filled orderliness and information. It wasn’t just a few bits of facts and information to be stored in his brain, it was a huge list of information and then there was the discovery of how those elements work together in our world. On top of that there was this super cool app that allowed him to learn many of those amazing facts while at the same time allowing him to  play a really cool game. 

I was thrilled to discover that the makers of  Hero Factor Games are believers in the Creator God. This means I can allow my son to explore this app and learn about the building blocks of the world which God has created for us to live in without worrying about him being bombarded by evolutionary theory. 

Playing the Periodic Table Game App, Atomidoodle

Atomidoodle Game App Review. Teach your kids the periodic table with this fun and challenging game app available for both iPad and Droid devices. | Great Peace Academy

Elements and atoms might sound like mundane and perhaps even boring learning. But, I assure you this educational app is fun to play and challenging for mind, hand and eye coordination. 

Imagine handing your child a notebook and asking them to visualize and draw how fission and fusion works from their study of chemistry and you will have an idea of what the game app is like. You guide atoms along increasingly tricky mazes to help them reach a pre-determined goal. Your child will have to think fast, coordinate quickly and avoid combining atoms incorrectly to prevent explosions.

Children will begin to understand how fusion (addition of atoms) and fission (division of atoms) works.

  • Atoms enter the game board through the game portal and travel along paths to widgets.
    The player must open or close widgets along the path to direct the atom to the proper location. But they have to move fast, because other atoms will enter the game board too. A wrong atom, must be redirected and will keep you busy preventing an explosion. Leave an atom in a widget too long and poof the widget explodes. 
  • As the game progresses players will learn about fusion with a fusion widget where they can combine 2 atoms to create an atom with the proper atomic number.
  • They will learn about fission with the fission widget which allows the player to divide an atom into smaller atoms.
    This might lead to finding just the right atom with just the right atomic number to fill the examinator and progress to the next level.
  • As the player completes each level, elements unlock on the periodic table.
    Along with those unlocked elements comes fun facts, like the fact that helium is a super fluid. 

Jonathan wanted me to be sure to tell you that as you unlock more elements on the periodic table the levels become increasingly more difficult.

Periodic Table Exploration

This education app has sparked a desire for learning in my child. Since beginning to play this app Jonathan has continued to study out and research the elements of the periodic table. He’s fascinated with the orderliness of the table and the amazing facts of each element. Here’s how he has continued to research:

  • We stopped our previous science, Swimming Creatures, mid-year and switched over to Chemistry and Physics because he wanted to. 
  • He pulls encyclopedias off the shelf to study and learn even more about each individual element. 
  • He began doing research online to learn as much as he can about each element of the periodic table. 
  • He began telling other people in his world, like Grandma Joyce, about the elements of the periodic table and she subsequently purchased a really cool book for him to learn even more.  
  • He’s been testing my knowledge of the periodic table and the elements.

The Facts about Atomidoodle by Hero Factor Games

  • Available for iPad at the iTunes Store for $1.99
  • Available for Android on Google Play for $2.
  • Educational focus on math and science. 
  • Fast paced game play builds hand, eye & brain coordination.
  • Math Skills: Addition and Division.
  • Science Skills: Learn the name, number, symbol and family of each element on the periodic table plus interesting facts for each.

I’m sure you’ll find even more great information about this incredible educational app by following Hero Factor Games on your favorites social media site: Facebook, Google +, Twitter and YouTube.

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  1. Wow! It’s amazing to read that Atomidoodle had such a profound influence on your son, and has sparked in him a desire to learn about the elements! God certainly did make the atoms (and the rest of the Universe) in an orderly, decidedly un-accidental way! We appreciate your fabulous review.
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