What is Pi? – A Pi Day Unit Study Download

It’s World Pi Day! And I’m sharing a Mini Pi Day Unit Study with you.

What is Pi/ A Pi Day Mini Unit Study | GreatPeaceAcademy.com

Did you know? Or, do you even know what that means?

Pi is the mathematical constant of a circle. Pi is an irrational number π which cannot be expressed as a fraction because the decimal equivalent is infinite. It doesn’t end or show a repeating pattern. Every circle ratio can be calculated to Pi or the approximation of Pi no matter the size of the circle. It is equal to the circumference of the circle divided by it’s diameter or π = C/d. 

Why is today World Pi day? Because the numerical equivalent of Pi is, 3.141592653589… and is almost always shortened to 3.14. Since today is March the 14th or 3/14 many mathematicians and other geeky folk celebrate today as Pi Day.

Interestingly enough, It’s also the birthday of one of the world’s most beloved mathematicians, Albert Einstein.

As homeschoolers it’s the perfect time to introduce Pi to your would-be mathemascholars. I don’t even like math, in fact, I’m not good at math at all, but I still think Pi is fun to learn about and explore.

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A Mini Pi Day Unit Study

Pi Explained

This graphic shows a visual representation of Pi. Imagine if you will a wheel that has wet paint surrounding the circumference. When it is rolled the paint is left behind. From the center of the wheel to the length of the circumference you can see that Pi is equal to apx. 3.14.

A visual representation of pi. (Image credit: Available at Wikipedia – Author John Reid Creative Commons).



Sal Khan from KhanAcademy.com explains Circles: radius, diameter, circumference and Pi. We use Khan Academy for math in our homeschool. While we often try other programs, time and again, we come back to Khan Academy because of it’s depth, scope and the fact that it teaches the student to the mastery level. 

Khan Academy is more than just math videos. It is a complete math curriculum covering basic elementary math through advanced level high school math. In addition, Khan Academy, offers curriculum covering these topics. Science, Technology, Arts and Computing. We also use KA so Young Man can learn programming.

5 Fun Facts about Pi

  1. It’s an infinite number.
  2. It’s a mathematical constant.
  3. It’s an irrational number.
  4. The number never changes, it is always. 3.141592653589… (π).
  5. It has been calculated to 13.3 Trillion Digits, (1013).

Learn more About Pi

One Million Digits of Pi

For fun, take a look at this page which shows 1 Million Digits of Pi.



Kindle Books for Studying about Pi

(Because these are Kindle versions you can get them today).

The Music of Pi

Someone even decided to set pi to music. Here you can hear what pi sounds like. Fugue on Pi by Greg Ristow. 

Pi Challenges

Pi is fun to explore. It can be a good challenge to see how many digits a student can memorize. Here is a Pi Challenge to play which can help to build memorization skills. This one is even more challenging in that it requires a student to think ahead and consider if the next number is higher or lower than the one shown. While this typing test helps a student to build both their typing skills and memorization skills.

Pi Day Unit Study

I decided to pull together a brief unit study about Pi. Because, well, it’s World Pi Day, it’s fun, and my son loves math! So I’m sharing it with you. It’s free, just click here to download. (This printable has been updated to correct an error on pg. 8, I apologize for the oversight.)

A Mini Pi Unit Study Free Download | GreatPeaceAcademy.com


What is your favorite fun fact about Pi? Share in comments. 

Renée at Great Peace Academy




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What is Pi? A Pi Day Mini Unit Study | GreatPeaceAcademy.com


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  1. This is the first year I actually remembered to celebrate Pi day with my kids. We had so much learning about Pi. My 10 year old spent the morning reading the first hundred or so digits in the number out loud.
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