Preparing for Camp

In a whirlwind. That’s how I feel. We are preparing to leave for church camp this Saturday. Between packing for Beloved, Little Man, myself and making sure we all have bedding and toiletries which I can’t share since I’m not bunking with the guys, I also am working on a project for my family reunion the following Saturday. Did I mention that I am also teaching Bible class at church camp? That’s 10 lessons, 2 classes a day. I also have co-op duties that I’m working on and we will be having a mom’s planning meeting on Thursday.

Here are a couple photo’s from last years camp.

J’s Cabin Singing “This Little Light of Mine”
J paying off his cour debts from Ms. Lori’s kangaroo Court
Just hundreds of recipes I have typed

It’s all worth it though. Anything that is good for Little Man is good for me. Camp is good for that all important need to “socialize” my home educated child and it’s important for building foundations for his soul. Co-op prep is for the same reasons even if he isn’t going to the mom’s meeting. The family project is an attempt at preserving a piece of our family history for future generations. I’m putting together a family recipe book. Almost done. What are your next several weeks going to look like?

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