Discover FREE Printables to Learn about Sharks

Whether your are homeschooling your kids or looking for ways to keep them learning throughout the summer this list of printables to learn all about sharks is a great way to sneak in some educational fun facts during the summer months. Your kids will be excited to learn about sharks and you’ll be thrilled to see them diving into a biology study.

Printable Resources for Learning about Sharks | #educationresources #homeschool #unitstudies

Sharks have a way of capturing the imagination. We have a fearful respect of them and want our kids to as well. But, we also see them as somewhat mysterious.

Some homeschooling moms coincide shark studies with Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week series.

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20 Printables Resources for Learning about Sharks

I’ve gathered these free printable resources to help you as you teach your kids about these amazing creatures.

Free Printable Resources for Learning about Sharks | #educationresources #homeschool #unitstudies #homeschooling #homeschool #education #sharks #printables #science #marinebiology

Shark Printables for Language Arts

  • You’ll find this Shark Reading Skills Sheet by to be good for helping your child discover the main idea of a paragraph.
  • This Sharks! Reading printable from Scholastic is a great way to teach comprehension skills.
  • Free Word Shark Prefix/Suffix Game at Teachers Pay Teachers by The TLC Shop is actually a Power Point game that helps kids learn to appropriately add prefixes and suffixes to words.
  • These Shark Informational Text Activity Cards by Scholastic are great for helping students to develop contextual understanding.
  • Since sharks bring to mind many imaginative story ideas these Shark Story Starters by Blessed Beyond a Doubt can help your students take their ideas from imagination to a great story to tell.

Shark Printables for Science

  • Free Printable Shark Packs by All for the Boys is a simple printable with shark fact learning cards.
  • Shark Anatomy & Discussion at Teachers Pay Teachers by D. Adams
  • Sharks are an ideal launching point for teaching about the who eats who in the food chain. This Shark Food Chain Activity game from Look We’re Learning is a wonderful, fun, way for kids to learn.
  • Name that Shark by Teacher Vision helps kids to learn identification of the different types of sharks.
  • Shark Anatomy by Monterey Bay Aquarium helps kids to understand both the internal and external structures of shark anatomy.
  • Use this LEGO Shark Worksheet by The Homeschool Scientist to help your students to develop their research skills, by having them find the answers to the questions.
  • Shark Guides by Seaworld are available for download for both K-3 and 4-8. They contain wonderful facts and guided lesson plans that you can utilize at home for your homeschool kids.

Fun Shark Activity Printables

  • Discover coloring pages, printable puzzles and even posters with Shark Activities by
  • Kids will have fun learning with some Shark Bingo Game Cards by Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational.
  • These Shark themed printables by make for a fun way to teach shark vocabulary to your kids. You’ll find word searches, puzzles coloring pages and more.
Shark Art for All Ages

Shark Printables for Math

  • Don’t forget to teach some math with your shark study. Ocean Math at Teachers at Pay Teachers by Sara Southard is a perfect math tie in for your shark week.
  • This Shark Food, Measuring using Millimeters at Teachers Pay Teachers by Christopher Hamon can help kids to learn measurements using the metric system.

Additional Shark Resources for Study Aids

  • Another Shark Unit Study by Royal Baloo has plenty of printable pages that are geared toward early elementary.
  • This Sharks Lapbook by Homeschool Share is free to download and makes a great way for students to document what they are learning about sharks.
  • Discover the great resources available with these Shark Research Handouts  by The Shark Research Institute.
  • You’ll find these Shark Week Fast Facts Sheets by 3 Boys and a Dog to be a great study of the different kinds of sharks.
  • Another FREE Shark Lapbook | Homeschool Shark Unit Study from Teaching Without Chairs explores the anatomy, diet, and threat to sharks just to name a some of what you’ll discover in this resource.
Free Printable Resources for Learning about Sharks | #educationresources #homeschool #unitstudies  #homeschooling #homeschool #education #sharks #printables #science #marinebiology

Whether you are studying sharks for the annual shark week on Discovery channel or you simply want to include a shark study as a part of an ocean, or marine biology study the above resources will help you get started.

What about you? Do you love shark week? Is it a time for your kids to dive into a shark study?

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Printable Resources for Learning about Sharks | #homeschooling #homeschool #education #sharks #printables #science #marinebiology

Discover FREE Printables to Learn about SharksDiscover FREE Printables to Learn about SharksDiscover FREE Printables to Learn about Sharks

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