Ready for Spring?

Great Ideas for Nature Walks

Aren’t you ready for spring? I know I am. I like the seasons. I really do. I like for each of the seasons to reflect their name. But, with the record snow fall this particular season coupled with our limited mobility due to a car needing repair and my Beloved travelling for work these days, I am ready for spring.

Creative Nature Walks Review

I can’t wait to see the daffodils pop their heads above the permafrost and the tulips burst forth in an array of color. I’d like to plant a garden this year, but each year I say that and each year I fail to get it done, so I’m not holding my breath.

I am, however, excited to share with you an ebook review affiliate link below. I was able to preview the book as a part of some formatting work that I provided to the author. 

Just Released Nature Walks eBook in Time for Spring

On top of that this new eBook by Cindy West is causing me to long for spring days where we can get out of the house and enjoy some nature walks. It’s called Creative Nature Walks, it has over 100 ideas and tips for creating not just a nature walk but a nature experiences. {Tweet This}

Creative Nature Walks Review

I have to say that I am really impressed with the ideas that Cindy has! She has made me see nature walks in a completely different way. She helps you to lead your children on discovery while allowing them to stretch their mind. 

What I love about the book is that she gives an idea like: Bag it, simply bag items found during a nature walk. Simple enough right? But then she offers extension ideas to help students think about their finds in a different way. 

She’s left no stone un-turned, pun intended, in this book. She offers ideas for boys, girls, younger children and older children. She helps you to include the whole family in a seamless way. 

This new eBook arrives just in time for you to get all your spring nature walks planned. You can get it now for just $5.00 through March 15th by using the checkout code: ComeOnSpring

Are you ready for spring? Yeah, me too.

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