5 Confidence Boosting Resources for Teaching Music in Homeschool

For many homeschool moms teaching music in homeschool can seem a bit daunting. This is especially true if you haven’t had a background in music. But, outstanding music education resources can give you the confidence to teach music in your homeschool without feeling overwhelmed.

Music is an amazing subject to teach in homeschool. That’s because at it’s very core music encompasses math, science and the arts. It can truly a STEAM based study.

Music is sound waves, rhythm is math, harmonies, melodies, and chords all require an engineering approach. And of course, music is a performing art which creates beauty in the mind as well as the soul. Music inspires, motivates and encourages in a way that nothing else does.

All of this is why teaching music in your homeschool is important. 

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5 Free Resources for Teaching Music in Homeschool

1- Music Ed Magazine

Music Ed magazine is a free, quarterly, digital magazine designed to improve music education for kids. Whether your students are taking privatelessons from a local teacher or an online instructor, this magazine can help you to bridge the communication gap.

It’s full of resources that help parents and music teachers support students in their musical education journey.

Whether your child is taking music lessons with a private teacher, or whether you are teaching your child yourself, you’ll find inspiration, practical guidance, and free music teaching resources and activities.

Gentle Guitar™ publishes this digital magazine that is the first and only magazine designed to unite parents and teachers in a common goal. .

  • The magazine addresses common problems that both music teachers and parents of music students face, and invites both sides to consider the issues from the child’s perspective.
  • Each issue is packed with the latest research, tips, games, teaching resources and creative ideas to make teaching and learning music easy and enjoyable for everyone
  • The magazine is both academic and fun, it is an educational tool, yet entertaining to read with a cup of coffee on a rainy afternoon.
  • Each issue has fun activities and printouts to engage kids in music study.

2- MusicTheory.net

Want to teach your children music theory? If you aren’t sure where to start this site is for you. You’ll be able to teach them everything they need about reading music. From scales and clefs to major and minor keys you can utilize this free online music theory resource to teach your kids everything they need to know about how to read music.

The exercises are designed to help them develop the ability to site read music. And even teaches the fundamentals of scales, chords and ear training.

MusicTheory.net is a must for any homeschooling mom seeking to teach music at home without the assistance of a trained music teacher.

While you might not be able to teach your child how to play an instrument, you can teach them the fundamentals of reading music with this fabulous free resource.

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3- Music In Our Homeschool Free Resources

Over at Music in Our Homeschool you’ll find a series of free 15-minute lessons that you can utilize to teach music in your homeschool. Often, music is considered to be an elective, an extra, in education. Which means, we don’t often have time to dive into a deep study of music.

These 15 minute lessons will help you to easily incorporate music into your homeschool lessons without taking a lot of time to implement. They are kid-friendly and teacher friendly to making them a great addition to any homeschool teacher’s lesson plans.

4- Learning Music via Ableton

Learning Music offers hands-on, experience-based learning to teach how music works together to create amazing sounds. This browser-based app lets anyone put together sounds in a way that will amaze your homeschool students.

This app lets students build music with their fingertips without instruments by using a non-linear digital mixer. The cool thing is they can simply play and explore how sounds come together to form music with no preconceived ideas of what is supposed to be, for lack of a better word, right.

They can truly create something unique and develop their style of music by exploring this app. Be sure to click on Chapters in the left sidebar to be able to utilize all the lessons available through LearningMusic.ableton.com.

5- How Music Works from Lightnote

Another free and wonderful site that teaches music fundamentals. This teaches music from its very structure, sound waves. This teaches your students the basic physics of sound. Yes… that means there is some science in these lessons.

These interactive lessons take students from the basics of sound waves through harmony, scales, and chords.

You can count these lessons as STEAM, Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

How Music Works from Lightnote is an excellent resource for out-of-the-box thinkers, science-minded kids.

Teaching music in homeschool doesn’t have to cause you anxiety. And, it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money either. With these 5 confidence boosting free resources you can

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5 Confidence Boosting Resources for Teaching Music in Homeschool

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