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Overview of Survival on the Reef

My favorite resource for gifted and advanced learning materials is Prufrock Press. So, I was thrilled as a reviewer and affiliate marketer when I was given a free copy of Survival on the Reef by Colleen Kessler in exchange for my honest review.

Overview of Survival on the Reef

At Great Peace Academy we are spending our school year exploring the animals that live in the waters of the earth. Because of that, I feelSurvival on the Reefis an excellent resource for my son who is a gifted learner to dive in and explore more information than is generally presented in text books. This activity book guides students in scientific discovery through exploration, investigation and imagination.

Guided Observations
While+Colleen Kesslergives brief introductions to each section of the guide, she leads the child in seeking answers to questions rather than answering the questions for them. She does this with guided observations leading them in experiments, research, prediction and observation. By studying the ecosystem of the oceans reefs, a child can learn about the diverse animals which live there and how they interact with each other. By learning to ask questions the student learns to seek out the answers.
Survival on the Reef from Prufrock Press

What we Love about Survival on the Reef

ne of the things that I, as a homeschool parent, love about this guide is the dynamic way that it is written. Although it guides in scientific exploration, the author includes research and creative writing throughout the book helping students to expand their scientific skills into practical application. 

One activity leads the student in a creative writing assignment by having them imagine themselves to be an animal. They have to consider what they will eat, where they will live, how they will protect themselves from predators and what kind of predators would eat them. Then they are to draw a picture and write a story about their life as the imagined animal.

Prufrock Press for Gifted Students

My son’s favorite activity was “Budding Crystals which is an activity designed to grow a crystal garden. The purpose of this activity is to help the student to see how reefs grow, discovering that crystals build up one on the other and so on, they can discover that coral polyps build up their limestone skeletons in a similar way. My son was anxious each day to go and check on his crystals to see what happened. He was delighted to find such quick growth. I think this will be a continual study as we watch our crystal garden begin to take shape and continue to form.
Survival on the Reef by Colleen Kessler from Prufrock Press

The author also leads the students in self-discovery as they study how human activity can impact the habitats found in the ocean. She guides them in consideration of what they can do to positively affect the environment as well as offers steps for the child to take to make a difference. Many gifted students are sensitive to environmental impact and the responsibility that humans have to affect the world in positive ways. Through the guided environmental impact activities such as “Take Action”  and “Be an Advocate” children can see that even small and simple actions can make a big difference and affect our world in positive ways.

Survival on the Reef marvelously leads students in exploring this amazing ecosystem. The author expertly weaves activities for advanced learning into dynamic studies which stretch the mind. You can find this activity book on Amazon or at Prufrock Press for $17.95. The exciting way your child will be led to discover create foundations for future exploratory discoveries. 

Do you have an advanced learner? Consider Prufrock Press Inc. for all of your gifted education needs. 

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