This Week… A Week Off

Gym, A Recital, and Play Yes, I mean a week off. After making the decision to school through most of summer. I started considering plans for the “new” school year and when I wanted to begin. I have a lot coming up later in summer and know that if I want to get started with a brand new school year it’s going to be later […] Read More

This Week… Student Self Pacing

Slowing Down a Bit This week at Great Peace Academy, following our week away in Cleveland last week, I decided to slowly ease back into a school routine. In fact, I’m encouraging Little Man to self pace his learning. I’ve given him some options to choose from. I know the options given will be educational but he has a measure of control over what and […] Read More

This Week… Quiet Family Time

Lazy Summer Days At Great Peace Academy This post contains affiliate links which may result in this blogger receiving paid compensation for purchases made. For further details see my disclosure policy.Thank you for supporting this blog and our academy.  This week the Lord has led us to some quiet times, which upon reflection I am grateful for. We started the week thinking there would be […] Read More

This Week… Homeschool Highlights

Finding encouragement in routine & Friends This week we settled back into our regular routine after taking a week off last week. I am working on being a little more structured in my planning. I’m giving a new planner a try which I hope to share with you soon.I am busy prepping for a seminar I will be speaking at next Thursday. I’ve been trying […] Read More

This Week… Fall Break

A Little Homeschool Breathing Time As we finish up the month of October, I decided to take a week off. We have been working pretty diligently for 8 weeks, so it was time for the family to breath a little. I think it’s important to teach our kids to read for fun, not just for school. So I encouraged Little Man to start reading, The […] Read More

This Week… Homeschool Week Complete

Finally Settling into the 2013/14 Homeschool Year Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting Great Peace Academy. For more information see my disclosure policy. This week was the first week we were able to settle in and complete an entire week of homeschool. It’s only October. We worked during September but those weeks were scattered. Our landing into the new school year […] Read More

Little Man Big Emotions

Big Emotions, emotional intensity in gifted children.

Emotional Intensity in the Gifted Child I have been struggling this week and last as the teacher of a child with emotional intensity and asynchronous tendencies. Last spring I really began to research gifted and talented tendencies in children. First, let me say that I believe all children have unique gifts and talents. This identification is in my opinion a misnomer. That being said, they […] Read More