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Set Your Mind Series for training your thoughts for and toward worship. Great Peace Academy

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Making Lord’s Day Preparations

Preparing for Worship

Set Your Minds: Preparing for Worship, Devotional Thoughts at Great Peace AcademyFor so many years, I felt like Sunday mornings were filled with rushing and lack of control. This was never my intention. I desire to be prepared both physically and spiritually to go into worship with a mind set to offer praise to the Father in humility of spirit. See More…




Preparing for Sanctification 

Preparing the Heart

Set Your Minds Preparing for Sanctification, Devotional Thoughts at Great Peace Academy`As mom’s we often are rushed on Sunday mornings. We have a lot to do getting a family ready, fed and out of the house in time for Bible class. Which can leave  us feeling disconnected and without the proper frame of mind to go in to the SACRED ASSEMBLY to offer praise to our Father and Living God. So I am sharing a series of articles focusing on preparing our minds on things above; preparing our minds on service and praise to the Father. See More…



Preparing for the Lord’s Day Begins at Home

Preparing for Worship Begins at Home | Devotional Thought at Great Peace AcademyMom’s will most often put the needs of their child above their own need. It’s a mother’s nature. I had found that doing that on Sunday morning, the rushing about to ensure my child had what he needed, clothing, breakfast, hat, gloves, bible, etc. often left me feeling less than prepared to worship the Lord. I’ve been convicted that entering into the assembly with little thought for the worship was no way for me to Honor the Father and subsequently I realized I was not setting a proper example for my son. See More….



Prepare Your Mind

Prepare your Mind for Worship, devotional thoughts at Great Peace Academy.In this series, I have shared with you some of the ways that I prepare for the Lord’s Day. I have done this because I know how difficult it is as moms to get our families ready, fed and out of the house and to the place of worship on time and most especially in the right frame of mind.

If you’ve been following you know that I have shared tips on preparing your home, preparing your clothing, and preparing your breakfast. Lest you think that I am only concerned with the physical preparations, I want to share with you the truth. I do all of these things to ease the transition, to clear the mental clutter SO THAT my mind can focus upon worshiping the Father through Christ Jesus my Lord. See More…


Why Worship?

Set Your Minds: Why Worship? Devotional Thoughts at Great Peace AcademyWe’ve previously looked at preparing our physical surroundings, preparing the things we need, preparing breakfast and preparing our minds. To continue on, I want to turn our focus to the purpose of worship as we learn to  “SET YOUR MIND ON THINGS ABOVE.”

Have you asked yourself, ‘Why Sunday?‘ As we read through scripture we see that int he Old Testament from the very beginning God sanctified the Sabbath day. He set it apart as Holy because it was on the seventh day that He rested from all the labor that He had done. In a previous post I wrote about the importance of the First Day of the week and that even as God sanctified the seventh, the Sabbath, the first day of the week also played an important role in the fellowship and worship throughout the O.T. Scriptures. See More…


Worship in Spirit and Truth

Set Your Minds Worship in Spirit and Truth, devotional thoughts at Great Peace AcademyWorship is not about ourselves. It is not about how we feel or how it makes us feel.  is to give honor to God through adoring reverence. Worship is about adoring HIM. We praise Him through the act of expressing our adoration of HIM. Worship is not about me, it is not about you, it is about Him. Doing this requires us to ourselves and magnify Him. See More…






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