9 Soup Recipes for Winter & How I Use them on THM

Whether you love a warm vegetable beef soup or a creamy broccoli soup a bowl of fresh soup is both warming and comforting, especially during the cold winter months.

I’ve been gathering soup recipes. Because it’s during this time of year I start craving the warmth that they provide.

9 Soup Recipes for Winter | Renée at Great Peace




We are on the Trim Healthy Mama plan in our household. While the soups in this line up are not geared toward that plan, I’ve noted some simple changes to show how I’d utilize these soup recipes for eating within the plan guidelines. 

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10 Soup Recipes with Tips to Alter to Use in THM Meal Planning

1- Creamy Vegetable Soup

Pam Barnhill’s recipe for creamy vegetable soup is simple to put together. She used her recipe for potato soup as a basic starting point, but changed it to include a variety of veggies. Sprinkle a bit of shredded cheese on the top and this soup is sure to warm little ones on a cold wintery day.  Be sure to download her printable version while you are there. 

Using heavy cream, instead of milk or if you prefer milk, Fairlife is an on-plan milk, and subbing radishes for the potaoes would put this as an S meal.

2- Southwest Veggie Soup

This dump soup that has a bit of a kick is a great recipe to throw in a crock pot before heading out to run errands, or run the teens to their various classes, and co-ops around town. Kathy at Cornerstone Confessions shares that you can sub ground turkey for the beef to make a healthier version.

Either way, if you utilize lean 93/7 % beef or the ground turkey, this hearty soup would be an E.

3- Chicken Tortilla Soup

Sara at Happy Brown House gives some easy to manage tips to make this soup. She says it can be started with frozen chicken breasts making for a genius slow cooker recipe? I opt for adding blue corn tortilla chips for a healthier THMified version, but you can do what your family likes best. 

4- Black Bean Soup

Kris at Weird Unsocialiazed Homeschoolers explains how she combined 3 recipes to come up with her own version of Black Bean Soup. Think of how warm and sumptuous this hearty soup will be when there is a chill in the air. Super simple, as is, an E if you use veggie broth, and an S with the chicken broth.

5- Instant Pot Potato Soup 

The newest trend in cooking is the Instant Pot. These modern pressure cookers bring food to the table in less time. Stacie over at Motherhood on a Dime shares how she is prepping this Potato soup in her Instant Pot to satisfy her family during cold weather.

Sub the potatoes with radishes or turnips (if you like them), use heavy cream, half and half or Fairlife to replace the milk and you’ve got a satisfying S soup.

6- Broccoli Cheese Soup

This simple soup can be made anytime because you most likely keep all of these ingredients on hand. Serve with fresh bread (or  thaw and bake a frozen dough) and you’ll have dinner on the table that’s yummy good. 

Use an on-plan flour, such as brown rice flour, or coconut or almond flour, or you can opt for the THM Baking blend. Sub the milk as mentioned above, with heavy cream, half and half, or Fairlife, and you’ve got a sumptuous creamy soup. 

7- Easy Beef Stew

A slow simmering stew that leaves your mouth watering waiting for dinner time to roll around. It’s sure to warm you as you gather with the family around the table.  

This one would need a bit more altering to be on-plan, sub potatoes for non-starchy veggies, radishes or parsnips.  Use an on-plan flour, and use broth instead of boullion cubes. I’d opt for butter instead of olive oil, for an S.

8- Vegetarian Muligatawny Soup

I’ve been trying to add in more vegetarian dishes to our family meal times. I’ve not quite begun doing meatless Mondays or anything, but I’ve slowly been mixing in a few dishes here and there. This soup looks to be a warming from the inside kind of soup that will be perfect for our next veggie night. 

Needs very little as far as alterations to be a healthy E soup. Change the veget

9-  Italian Wedding Soup

Oh! I love a good Italian Wedding soup. Those tiny little meatballs are just so yummy after cooking in broth. This recipe (and others like it) use orzo, some use acini de pepe, or couscous. But, I think opting for Dreamfields Pasta so I can stay on THM plan wouldn’t change the soup flavor at all. I’m sure Penné pasta would work well, although admittedly it would change the texture. You could cook up some Dreamfields angel hair pasta, then dice it into small bites to get the smaller pasta texture then mix it into the soup. However, that seems like a lot of work to me. 

What do you think? Which soup recipes are calling out to you and making you want to go set a pot to simmering? Be sure to check out my traditional sweet rolls bread recipe if you aren’t eating on THM. 





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