How to Grow a Stronger Marriage with 20 Things to Pray

Are you finding that the marriage you dreamed of is not the reality that you are living? Marriage isn’t a magical fix to our childhood dreams.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment.

In order to have the dream marriage you hope for you have to change your thinking on what a dream marriage looks like.

How to Grow a Stronger Marriage with 20 Things to Pray | Marriage Moments with Renée at Great Peace #marriage #love

Often, we are young when we make that choice and vow those vows without really understanding the reality of lifelong. Nor, do we understand what it takes to grow. If we want a stronger marriage we must work to make it so. 

If you are looking to grow a stronger marriage in 2017, then keep reading. 

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing with you 100 proven ways to grow a stronger marriage. I’m going to give them to you in smaller, bite-sized pieces so  you can consider them, and begin to implement them to help your marriage grow stronger. 

Maybe you are thinking, what exactly does she mean by proven ways?

This year my Beloved and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage. And, while I can’t say it’s always been wedded bliss, I can say that we’ve endured many storms, and our marriage is so much stronger than the first few years after we said, “I do.

These are proven, because they are the things I’ve done and it didn’t take long for me to begin to find satisfaction, contentment, joy and peace in my marriage.

Today, I’m going to share with your the first step you need to take to grow a stronger marriage. Then, I’ll share 20 additional ways that you can begin to implement today. 

So, what’s the number one way to make your marriage stronger?

It’s probably not what you  think it is. 

How to Grow a Stronger Marriage with 20 Things to Pray | Marriage Moments with Renée at Great Peace #marriage #love

The No. 1 Thing you Can do Today to Grow a Stronger Marriage

It starts with you. Your heart, your attitude and your desire to live the love that you seek is what will allow your marriage to grow stronger. 

What I mean by that, is you have to decide to love. You decide to serve. You decide to be the contentment that you seek.

It starts with you. The attitude you face your marriage with, is the one that will be reflected back toward you. Click To Tweet

Today, I’m going to share 20 ways that you can begin to change your attitude about your marriage. Watch each week as I share 20 more until we reach 100 ways. 

20 Things to Pray for a Stronger Marriage

Prayer. There is nothing stronger than the bond between a faithful Christian and the relationship we have with God through Christ Jesus. When we approach the throne of grace with humility, when we accept that God’s will for our lives is far better than our own desires, when we have faith that HE is faithful to hear and answer our prayers then we can abide in a peace that is unfathomable to most people. 
Taking our marriage to the Father, laying it before Him, trusting Him with the gift that is your relationship allows you to set aside doubts that may arise about your marriage. 
Here are 20 things to pray for your marriage. They certainly aren’t the only things. Your situation may be different. Your relationship with your own beloved is different. Your needs are different. These are general things to pray but you can certainly add to this list, alter this list, or adapt it in anyway that meets the needs of your relationship. 
How to Grow a Stronger Marriage with 20 Things to Pray | Marriage Moments with Renée at Great Peace #marriage #love
  1. That together you will seek to honor God first.
  2. That together you will let Christ be the leader and you will follow.
  3. That you will seek  the highest good for your spouse.
  4. That you will seek to place the needs of your spouse above your own.
  5. That you will develop a trust that your spouse seeks your highest good.
  6. That you will trust that they will place your need above their own.
  7. That in the marriage , the husband will be the head, and that he will faithfully lead in love.
  8. That in the marriage the wife will lovingly respect her husbands role submitting to him as a way to honor his love, and to honor Christ.
  9. That you will both be in agreement with family planning, and that God will bless your family in this way, but that you will both lovingly be accepting of God’s will, whatever that may be.
  10. That your physical desire for each other will remain strong through the years.
  11. That you will work together to train the children to know God’s word.
  12. That your love will endure during difficult times, and in those times, you’ll still seek each other’s highest good.
  13. Health and well being for each of you, and faithfulness when/if times come when the health is not good.
  14. Thankfulness for HIS provisions for the family, asking in humility for needful things.
  15. Seeking to do right, regardless of cost.
  16. For strength and wisdom to do work necessary to provide for the family income.
  17. For wisdom to manage finances and provisions well, being good stewards.
  18. For forgiving hearts.
  19. For abiding joy even during difficult days.
  20. Slowness of anger and wisdom in communication. 

It allows you to focus your love toward your spouse realizing that your role is to seek their highest good. When you do this, when you turn control of your marriage, your life to the Lord, your marriage can be stronger. 

Tell me, what is the number one prayer you have for your own marriage?

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