Student Photo Day

Not Back to School Hop: Student Photo

My Little Man, isn’t a little man anymore. This year, in just a couple of weeks, he will turn 11 years old. How did that happen? He has started to look more grown up and my mom heart just melts. 

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iHomeschool Network's Not Back to School Hop Student Photo Day

Meet my Young Man, Jonathan 
Sixth Grade

His favorite subject is math. He enjoys drawing, music, playing piano, playing billiards, video games, paper airplanes and building with LEGO bricks and K’Nex. He most recently discovered coding on Khan Academy and is thoroughly enjoying learning to code. Science comes easy to him as does language learning. He doesn’t like writing, at all, but loves story telling if he can just “tell” the story. His dad and I think he may be heading for a career in architecture or engineering.

Tell me about your homeschool students. Share your children’s ages and grades in comments, feel free to tell me a little about them as well. 

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2 Replies to “Student Photo Day

  1. Good afternoon, Renee! Thanks for the update on Jonathan and how he’s starting off the school year. I love the pictures of him and how joyful he looks; always a smile on his face!Garrison is currently into all the things you mentioned Jonathan liking, except he doesn’t play the piano. He just recently discovered coding too and is loving it! I think both of our boys’ brains think similarly:) He’ll be starting 7th grade next Monday, so I really need to get organized more for the first day!

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