How to Foster Creativity in Gifted Children

How to Foster Creativity in Gifted Children | Renée at Great Peace #gifted #homeschool #ihsnet

Creativity can be a natural for many gifted children. Some seem to be born with an innate ability to draw, paint, build, or express ideas in a creative way. That said, creativity is also a skill than can be developed. In fact, creativity is a skill that parents can foster within their gifted children. The key is finding what your child is interested in, and […] Read More

How to Teach the Art of Portrait Drawings in Homeschool

How to Teach Homeschool Art Portrait Drawings | Renée at Great Peace #homeschoolart #portraitdrawings #art #ihsnet

Did you know you can teach homeschool art with very little difficulty? You can I’m sharing my favorite resource below for teaching comprehensive art lessons inside your own home. My son loves art. He’s always been one to doodle and sketch his way through a day. This past summer he asked me if there was a way that he could learn how to do portrait […] Read More

Art Supplies to Keep on Hand for Creative Thinking Kids

10 Art Supplies to Keep on Hand for Creative Thinking Kids | #ihsnet #homeschool #art

My son has always loved to draw. Which is why I always try to keep art supplies on hand for him. From the earliest ages as soon as he could grasp a pencil he began drawing nearly everything he sees. For years we kept a stockpile of paper from office recycling bins. We had friends donate to us boxes, and boxes of office paper because […] Read More

How to Spark Creativity with Homeschool Art Lessons

How to Spark Creativity with Homeschool Art Lessons | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #art #artlessons #homeschoolart #ihsnet

I’ve known for a very long time that my son had a unique gift when it comes to artwork. He can just sort of see something in his mind, and before you know it he puts it to paper in amazing detail. He kind of sees things in 3 dimensions. I’ve wanted to provide him with homeschool art lessons for a long time.  But, I […] Read More

The Ultimate Guide for Teaching Art in Homeschool

The Ultimate Guide for Teaching Art in Homeschool | #ihsnet

Teaching Art in homeschool is one of those subjects that many will think requires a measure of talent to teach. That simply isn’t true. Art can be taught from many different approaches. It can be taught as a study of famous artists, styles or even history. It can also be taught as a hands-on learning endeavor. But, whether one is fully artistic or just dabbles […] Read More

10 Resources That will Help You Find Fine Arts

10 Resources for finding Fine Arts to Explore | Great Peace Academy

Fine Arts for your Homeschool Students When my husband and I were first married, we attended a touring performance of Les Mésirables. Being from a small, very rural town and having very little exposure to the arts, I sat in wonderment at the theatrics, the music and the beauty of the entire drama that was unfolding before me. I knew then that I wanted to […] Read More

Homeschool Art Curriculum That’s Easy to Teach

Art in Homeschool with You ARE an Artist Curriculum | Great Peace Academy

Homeschool art might seem out of the realm of possibility. Let’s face it, not everyone has the talent or experience to teach art skills to kids.   But, guess what? We don’t have to know everything or be talented in every subject that we want our kids to learn. Homeschool Art is no exception. By utilizing a homeschool art curriculum that incorporates step-by-step how to instruction […] Read More

Teaching Fine Arts in Homeschool

Teaching Fine Arts in Homeschool | Great Peace Academy

When Your Child has a Passion for Art Art and music appreciation are both subjects that can enhance all areas of learning.  Sometimes, it’s overlooked in favor of core subjects. Homeschool art can be simple letting kids explore hands on artistic pursuits on their own while you provide them with great tools.  Homeschool music can start with teaching them how to listen quietly to great […] Read More