Books for Teens Who Love Fantasy Story Video Games

12 Books for Teens who Love Fantasy Story Video Games | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #teens #reading #fantasystory #ihsnet

Teaching homeschooled teens who are fascinated with fantasy story video games can prove to be a challenge. If it seems as if they are so engrossed with video game play that they think of little else, it can seem as if it’s impossible to get them to actively engage in any other form of learning.  But, if you meet them where they are you’ll be […] Read More

10 Cultural Diversity Books for Middle School

10 Cultural Diversity Books for Middle Schoolers | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #culturaldiversity #ihsnet

A while ago I shared with you a list of 25 Books Every Boy Should Read and one of you asked about books that help to teach cultural diversity. While it would be impossible for me to gather an exhaustive list that would include all cultures around the globe I did choose 10 that I think would be good readers for middle school children. This list […] Read More

Sparking a Love of Reading with an Audio Drama

Sparking a Love of Reading with an Audio Drama from Heirloom Audio | #ihsnet

I recently discovered a way to encourage my son to find reading for the enjoyment of a story. I found that an audio drama excited his curiosity and inspired him to ask for more books. I’ve often written about my son and how he started reading at a very early age. I can remember he would take his Winnie the Pooh board books and then re-type […] Read More

10 Must Have Homeschooling Books for Mom and Dad

Homeschooling, as a homeschool mom who started out scared to death that I’d mess up my boy and has grown into a mom who after 8 years is ever-growing in the work, knowledge and joy of homeschooling I know that all along the way there are both challenges and rewards. Whatever part of the path you find yourself on, you can rest assured that someone, […] Read More

10 Books for Children in Foster Care

10 Books for children in foster care. | Great Peace Academy

Being in foster care is not easy. Children are torn between wanting their moms and dads and needing safety. Small children have no understanding of what is happening or even why. They only know what is normal for themselves and they miss their own normal. Older children struggle with a life that is indescribable. Any child that has been in foster care for long may […] Read More

25 Boy Books Every Boy Should Read

25 Books for Boys List | Great Peace Academy

Books for Boys to Read Jonathan has always been a good reader. The reality is, though, it’s not an activity he gravitates to for general pleasure. I want to change that. I want to encourage him to read, to want to read, not for research (which he does love doing) but simply for pleasure or inspiration. I want him to open a book and travel […] Read More