How to Use Family Audiobooks for Character Training in Young Teens

How to Use Family Audiobooks for Character Training in Young Teens | Renée at Great Peace #ihsnet #homeschool #parenting #Christian @AIO_tweets

As diligent parents we want to lead our teenagers in developing good character traits as they continue to develop into adulthood. But discipline can lead to confrontation which may make for less discipline and more confrontation when emotions are running high. It’s a difficult problem for parents. Utilizing resources such as family audiobooks can take the confrontation out of the equation while still helping teens […] Read More

I’m the Kind of Mom Who…

I'm the Kind of Mom who... | Renée at Great Peace

I’m the kind of mom who gives my son the last bite of my cupcake because he was looking longingly at it. This post contains affiliate links to products which may be purchased at external sites. I’m the kind of mom who stops what I’m doing to listen intently as he tells me about his next great idea, or Minecraft build, or plan of whatever […] Read More

5 Mother and Son Dates

5 Mother and Son Dates | Great Peace Academy

I love being a boy mom. I’m always surprised though at how fast it’s going. I looked over the other day while I was driving down the road and Little Man was sitting in the front seat beside me and suddenly it occurred to me that my little boy looked quite like a man, albeit a young man, sitting there.  With time ever moving forward […] Read More

Training Up: Look Them in the Eye

Give them your eyes, training a child to talk to adults, the importance of eye contact, by Renée at Great Peace Academy

Teaching a Child the Importance of Eye Contact Training up a child is a full time, never ending job. Last week I went into a bank to discuss business banking for my co-op. At the end of my meeting the lady, Marilyn, shook my hand and then offered her hand to my son. He shook it but wasn’t focused. I took him by the chin, lifted […] Read More