5 Ways Dad Can Bond with His Boys

.The family bond between a father and son is incredibly important. The bond a young man feels with his father has an impact on his development, resiliency and self-esteem both early and later in life. This means, it is crucial for dads to bond with their boys as often as possible, creating a strong emotional connection and bond.  For boys, bonding with their dad helps […] Read More

5 Mother and Son Dates

I love being a boy mom. I’m always surprised though at how fast it’s going. I looked over the other day while I was driving down the road and Little Man was sitting in the front seat beside me and suddenly it occurred to me that my little boy looked quite like a man, albeit a young man, sitting there.  Which is why I want to […] Read More

Sparking a Love of Reading with an Audio Drama

Sparking a Love of Reading with an Audio Drama from Heirloom Audio | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #ihsnet

I recently discovered a way to encourage my son to find reading for the enjoyment of a story. I found that an audio drama excited his curiosity and inspired him to ask for more books. I’ve often written about my son and how he started reading at a very early age. I can remember he would take his Winnie the Pooh board books and then re-type […] Read More

25 Boy Books Every Boy Should Read

25 Books for Boys List | Great Peace Academy

Books for Boys to Read Jonathan has always been a good reader. The reality is, though, it’s not an activity he gravitates to for general pleasure. I want to change that. I want to encourage him to read, to want to read, not for research (which he does love doing) but simply for pleasure or inspiration. I want him to open a book and travel […] Read More

Incredible Index for Boy Fun #2

  Active Fun For Boys of All Ages – Part 2  Last week I posted the Incredible Index for Boy Fun, but I had so many resources that I decided to do a second post.  Boys are dynamic. They love getting dirty, rockets and cars, sticky icky fun and so much more. That’s why I’ve found ideas from across the web to keep your boy entertained […] Read More

Incredible Index for Boy Fun

Incredible Index of Boy Fun | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #boymom

Ideas, Tips, Printables & Active Fun For Boys of All Ages Part 1 Boys are different. At least to me they are. I grew up in a house with 2 sisters and one brother. I never understood him. I still don’t. Then I got married and came to realize that boys are just different than girls. Likes, attititudes and their way of going about things are just different.  […] Read More

Training Up My Little Prince

Training up my little prince. | Great Peace Academy

I love teaching the fruit of the spirit to Little Man. In our academy, home and life you might often hear me ask him, “Does that attitude reflect the fruit of the spirit?” or maybe you will hear, “Are you showing self-control?” Or any of the other attributes to the Fruit of the Spirit. This post contains a children’s book review. I received this book […] Read More

Gentleman’s Gesture

My husband still opens the door for me. Sometimes it’s the door to the house or a building we are entering, most often it’s the car door.   He’s training our son to do the same. Not only for me but all women. It’s a simple thing, but it is also a gentleman’s gesture.       He loves going to the church building and […] Read More