Get your New Simply Pretty Homeschool Planner Free Download

Get Your Free Homeschool Planner | Renée at Great Peace #ihsnet #homeschool

Have you started planning for the next academic year yet? From time to time I like to create gifts for subscribers. It’s one of the benefits of being a loyal Great Peace follower.  This month, I’ve created a Homeschool Planner, printable. This post contains affiliate links to 3rd party sites, where products purchased may result in paid compensation for this blogger. Even though I use […] Read More

What is Pi? – A Pi Day Unit Study Download

What is Pi? A Pi Day Mini Unit Study |

It’s World Pi Day! And I’m sharing a Mini Pi Day Unit Study with you. Did you know? Or, do you even know what that means? Pi is the mathematical constant of a circle. Pi is an irrational number π which cannot be expressed as a fraction because the decimal equivalent is infinite. It doesn’t end or show a repeating pattern. Every circle ratio can be calculated to […] Read More

Incredible Homeschool Printable Resources

Incredible FREE Homeschool Printable Resources | #homeschool

Over 100 Printable Resources As homeschoolers we are often on the hunt for great printable resources that are easy to use, easy to attain and if they are free all the better. The issue is it takes time to locate a a list of such resources, and to continue to find additional resources once we use them. That’s why I have gathered over 100 free […] Read More

Homeschool Literary Guides Download

Free literary guides, guided book and poetry reports for elementary students, free printables at Great Peace Academy

Free Downloads for Back to Homeschool As school starts and homeschool teachers begin to put together lesson plans we can often find that the available worksheets for reading guides just simply don’t offer much to inspire true learning in our children. My own son struggles with writing so he needs to be guided in his literary endeavors. That’s why I created these literary guides,  a guided […] Read More