Embracing Gifted Intensity

Learn how to embrace Emotional Intensity in your Gifted Child | @ReneeGreatPeace #ihsnet #gifted #gtchat #giftedandtalented #homeschooling #homeschool

If you are the parent of a gifted child and haven’t learned about gifted intensity you most likely have experienced it. Emotions are a part of every human life. Emotional Intensity is as natural for a gifted individual as breathing. Children who have minds that process neurological functions at a faster rate also process emotions at a faster rate. Parenting Children with Gifted Intensity  As parents […] Read More

Little Man Big Emotions

Big Emotions, emotional intensity in gifted children.

Emotional Intensity in the Gifted Child I have been struggling this week and last as the teacher of a child with emotional intensity and asynchronous tendencies. Last spring I really began to research gifted and talented tendencies in children. First, let me say that I believe all children have unique gifts and talents. This identification is in my opinion a misnomer. That being said, they […] Read More