5 Best Ways to Find Support for Homeschool Moms

5 Best Ways to Find Homeschool Mom Support| Renée at Great Peace

Homeschoolers can often find themselves feeling isolated, alone and without much support. But, you are not alone. But, homeschool moms, support is likely closer than you think. In order to find it,  you are going to have to do some leg work. Home Education is the fastest growing form of education in our country and as society becomes more and more dis-satisfied with the public education system you can […] Read More

Family Goals we’ve Chosen to Prioritize for 2017

Family Goals we've Chosen to Prioritize for 2017 | Renée at Great Peace

As we’re closing out the month of January I wanted to take a moment to share with  what my family and I have been focusing on for the month. We took some time together as a family to sit down and discuss our family life, and our goals for the year. This post contains affiliate links to 3rd party sites where products purchased may result […] Read More

10 Things Foster Moms Won’t Tell You

10 Things Foster Moms Won't Tell You GreatPeaceAcademy.com

Foster moms do not have it easy. I know what your thinking, being a mom isn’t easy. That’s true. But trust me when I say that being a foster mom is a lot harder than general motherhood.  Foster moms are lovingly mothering children they never bore, who have most likely faced extensive trauma in their lives,  before being uprooted from the only lives they’ve known […] Read More

5 Homeschool Things You Need

5 Homeschool Things You Need | GreatPeaceAcademy.com

The internet is filled with posts like these. Homeschool bloggers abound these days. And, everyone has their own opinion of homeschool things that you will need in order to be successful.  This post contains affiliate links to products which may be purchased at 3rd party sites, which may result in paid compensation to this blogger. You might find posts galore about the kinds of pencils to […] Read More

12 Homeschool Quotes for the Heart of a Mom

I’m sharing my favorite homeschool quotes to help motivate you for the rest of the school year. Be sure to download and print your free printable Scripture Art below. It’s this time of year when I start to feel bogged down, and I can see my student does too. I want to just get the schooling done so we can wrap up book learning and […] Read More

Dear Foster Mom Who Guards with Love

Dear Foster Mom | Great Peace Academy #fostercare #fosterparents #fostermom

Dear Foster Mom,   I know that sometimes you feel as if you are all alone. What you do on a weekly, daily, and hourly basis is so far removed from what your friends are doing as moms. But, they don’t understand that, do they?  I know that you are pouring your heart out, laying it open, for littles who are not your own. That’s […] Read More

Homeschool Encouragement from Moms for Moms

Encouragement for Moms with Gifted Children | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #ihsnet

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Author Blog Tour     If you are joining me as a part of  The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Blog Tour, I’d like to say “Welcome to Great Peace Academy.” As you may already know, I was privileged to join with 54 other homeschooling moms to write over 100 chapters in what is a treasure trove of homeschool encouragement. It’s […] Read More

5 Advantages of Homeschooling Your Only Child

Since I began homeschooling my only child I’ve discovered that there are some who have a bias toward only child parenting. Even more so against those who choose to homeschool that only child. For some, sheltering a child in the home and “keeping” them from public school will somehow hold them back, keep them un-socialized and in some ways make them disadvantaged.  The reality is […] Read More