Family Goals we've Chosen to Prioritize for 2017 | Renée at Great Peace

Family Goals we’ve Chosen to Prioritize for 2017

As we’re closing out the month of January I wanted to take a moment to share with  what my family and I have been focusing […] Read More

10 Things Foster Moms Won't Tell You

10 Things Foster Moms Won’t Tell You

Foster moms do not have it easy. I know what your thinking, being a mom isn’t easy. That’s true. But trust me when I say […] Read More

5 Homeschool Things You Need |

5 Homeschool Things You Need

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12 Homeschool Quotes for the Heart of a Mom

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Dear Foster Mom | Great Peace Academy #fostercare #fosterparents #fostermom

Dear Foster Mom Who Guards with Love

Dear Foster Mom,   I know that sometimes you feel as if you are all alone. What you do on a weekly, daily, and hourly […] Read More

Encouragement for Moms with Gifted Children | #ihsnet

Homeschool Encouragement from Moms for Moms

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Author Blog Tour     If you are joining me as a part of  The Big Book of Homeschool […] Read More

5 Advantages of Homeschooling Your Only Child

Since I began homeschooling my only child I’ve discovered that there are some who have a bias toward only child parenting. Even more so against […] Read More

Tips for Getting out of a Homeschool Rut. | Great Peace Academy

In a Homeschool Rut?

In a Rut? Tips for Getting Out of it    This post contains affiliate ad links to products at external sites.  Homeschool Got YOU Down? […] Read More