15 Family Bonding Activities Your Family Will Love

15 Family Bonding Activities Your Family will Love | Renée at Great Peace #family #familybonding #familyactivities #ihsnet

Getting together with your family in the evening or on the weekend creates family bonding. Because you’ll be building memories that last a lifetime. Whether you prefer to keep it just your immediate family, or you host a get together for your best friends and their children, or a weekend with your cousins, you are going to want to ensure that you keep everyone entertained.  There […] Read More

52 Family Bonding Ideas for the Year

52 Family Bonding Ideas for the Entire Year | Renée at Great Peace #familytime #familybonding #gamenight #family #ihsnet

As we begin the new year it’s a great time to dedicate a goal for your family. It’s time to schedule family bonding time.  Oh, sure. I know, deep in your mind you want to believe it will be more meaningful if it’s spontaneous. You want to think family bonding should just come naturally. You want to hope that everyone will just get along and […] Read More

13 Ways to Get Cozy with Your Family This Winter 

How to Get Cozy with the Family this Winter | Renée at Great Peace #family #homemaking #familytime

The colder months are here! Which means it’s the perfect time for some family bonding. So put on some warm fuzzy socks, kick back and get cozy with your family. The comforting sounds of stories told out loud, the fresh feel of flannel sheets, the smells of something delicious baking wafting from the oven, these are all the amazing things that make for a cozy […] Read More

10 Best Tips For a Frugal Family Staycation

Best Tips for Family Frugal Staycation | Renée at Great Peace

I don’t know about you but I am a bit of an enigma. On the one hand I love to travel. I like getting in a car, setting out on an adventure, and exploring my surroundings along the way. On the other hand, I’m a bit of a homebody. I like to stick close to home and spend time with my family and enjoy the […] Read More