Easy Family Dinner Ideas for a Get Together

Family Dinner Ideas for a Get Together | Renée at Great Peace #mealplanning #familydinner #familydinnerideas #dinner #ihsnet

When you are hosting a family dinner and get together, there are a lot of things to consider. From invitations, theme and more, there is a lot to prepare. While there is a lot to take care of, one of the most important aspects of the planning process is the menu. You are going to want to seek out some easy family dinner ideas for […] Read More

15 Leftover Turkey Recipes

15 Leftover Turkey Recipes | Renée at Great Peace #mealplanning #Thanksgiving #family #ihsnet

With Thanksgiving coming up soon I’m sure you are imagining delicious turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and dinner rolls. Just last week at our church potluck someone made a casserole and when asked they said it was basically Thanksgiving in a crock-pot. Yum! Casseroles are just one of the ways to utilize leftover turkey. Thanksgiving dinner gives us that sense of comfort that we often seek […] Read More

10 Best Tips For a Frugal Family Staycation

Best Tips for Family Frugal Staycation | Renée at Great Peace

I don’t know about you but I am a bit of an enigma. On the one hand I love to travel. I like getting in a car, setting out on an adventure, and exploring my surroundings along the way. On the other hand, I’m a bit of a homebody. I like to stick close to home and spend time with my family and enjoy the […] Read More

How to Use Family Audiobooks for Character Training in Young Teens

How to Use Family Audiobooks for Character Training in Young Teens | Renée at Great Peace #ihsnet #homeschool #parenting #Christian @AIO_tweets

As diligent parents we want to lead our teenagers in developing good character traits as they continue to develop into adulthood. But discipline can lead to confrontation which may make for less discipline and more confrontation when emotions are running high. It’s a difficult problem for parents. Utilizing resources such as family audiobooks can take the confrontation out of the equation while still helping teens […] Read More

Words Fail in Times of Grief

Words Fail in Times of Grief | Renée at Great Peace

Reflections Upon Grief Words fail me.  That’s how I’ve felt for about 2 and half years. Which says a lot for a writer/blogger. It’s been difficult for me to write. For the first few months it was due to the busy-ness related to caring for my parents during my dad’s illness. But, then dad passed. That day… the last 24 hours spent with him, 2 […] Read More

20 Things to Not Do to Protect Your Marriage

20 Things to Not Do to Protect Your Marriage | Renée at Great Peace

Marriage looks different in every relationship. Why? Because every marriage is made up of two unique individuals. As such, we all bring something different to the marriage. A husband has his own ideas of what a marriage is supposed to be, and a wife will have her own. Each of those individuals thoughts are unique and different from every other couple in the world. together […] Read More

Family Goals we’ve Chosen to Prioritize in the New Year

Family Goals we've Chosen to Prioritize for 2017 | Renée at Great Peace

As we’re closing out the month of January I wanted to take a moment to share with  what my family and I have been focusing on for the month. We took some time together as a family to sit down and discuss our family life, and our goals for the year. This post contains affiliate advertisement links.  With 2015 being a difficult year with a […] Read More

10 Family Bonding Time Ideas

10 Family Bonding Time Activities | Renée at Great Peace

It’s incredible for me to realize that my little boy is now a teenager. Time with him seems to be slipping away ever so quickly, yet quietly. It makes me realize that I need to do more to foster family bonding. There may come a day when he no longer wants to spend time with mom and dad. Yet, I feel that the more we cultivate […] Read More