10 Homeschool Games to Inspire the Absorbent Mind

Inspire Learning with these 10 Homeschool Games | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #ihsnet

Absorbent Mind Development through Homeschool Games One of the best ways to educate is through the use of games. Whether it be through board games, card games or hands-on fun games a child can learn through active play. The absorbent minds of children makes homeschool games the ideal way to learn. Critical thinking, life role-playing, decision-making skills,not to mention, math, reading and creative thinking skills, […] Read More

10 Classic Games for Family Night You Probably Forgot About

10 Classic Games You Probably Forgot About for Family Time | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #ihsnet

Games are fun. Spending time with family playing games is fun. Too often we get caught up in new and flashy games. But, classic games can be just as fun. This post contains affiliate ad links to 3rd party sites where products purchased may result in paid compensation for this blogger. Which is why I wanted to pull together a list of old fashioned games that […] Read More

100 Games for Gifted Kids

Challenge your students with 100 games for gifted kids. See this resource list at Renée at Great Peace #gifted #homeschool #games #ihsnet

Games for Gifted Children As a homeschool mom to a gifted child I’m always on the lookout for items that will keep my son engaged, inspired and not bored. Gifted children tend to get bored quickly. Because they can analyze, adapt and master challenges at a quicker rate the challenge that at one time was fun and exciting quickly can become old hat.  Finding ways to […] Read More

Fun Family Games without Technology

Family Fun Games without Technology | Renée at Great Peace #familyfun #familygames #handsongames #outdoorgames #ihsnet

Games without Technology Did you know it’s entirely possible to spend quality time together as a family and have fun without technology being involved? Yep, it’s true! Card games, board games and lawn games are a great way to interact with your family. With a little friendly competition and a heart for fun you can enjoy time as a family and unplug from technology at […] Read More