Discover 100 Books for Gifted Learners

100 Books for Gifted Learners and their Parents | Renée at Great Peace #gifted #gtchat #giftedandtalented #giftedlearners #parentsofgifted #ihsnet #homeschool

Books for Gifted Children, their Parents, and Educators When I really began to embrace the fact that I have a child with gifted, talented and advanced learning abilities, I began researching. I didn’t always understand or find exactly what I was looking for but over time I began to have a general understanding of gifted education.    I know that many of you also are researching and […] Read More

100+ Homeschooling Gifted Resources

100+ Homeschooling Gifted Resources | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #gifted #gtchat #ihsnet

Challenging the Gifted Mind   Homeschooling is daunting for anyone. Factor in the child who has an intense need for more mental challenge and any homeschool mom would find herself feeling overwhelmed. Because these children learn, understand and assimilate information at a faster rate, they become bored quicker and lose interest thinking they have mastered a given problem or puzzle. This post contains affiliate ad […] Read More

100 Must Read Things for Parents of Gifted Children to Read

100 Must-Read Things for Parents of Gifted Children to Read | Renée at Great Peace #gifted #gtchat #ihsnet #homeschool

Being a parent to a gifted child is in itself a gift. Although, there will be many days when we’ll think it’s the opposite. Parenting a gifted child comes with great joys as well as extreme frustrations. Often we are tested in our role as parents. On the one hand we become, seemingly the only advocate for our own children. On the other hand, we […] Read More

Web Resources for Parents of Gifted

Web Resources for Parents of Gifted | #ihsnet #homeschool #gtchat | Find support, groups, blogs, books & more.

Did you know that being a parent of gifted learners is not easy? In fact, sometimes it’s incredibly hard. I used to think something was wrong with me because I just couldn’t understand why my child acted so differently from other children his age. I mean, I knew he was smart. But, it seemed so strange for a 3 year old to write in perfect cursive without […] Read More

How to Expand Gifted Learning Opportunities on a Budget

How to Expand Gifted Learning Opportunities on a Budget | #ihsnet

Being mom to a child with gifted learning abilities can be so frustrating when your family lives on a tight homeschool budget. Because we have chosen homeschooling for our son’s education the entire responsibility for educating our learner is on us. Knowing that he has an insatiable thirst for more and more knowledge I’m constantly feeling behind the curve, as if I’ll never be able […] Read More

Gifted Learning Curiosity

Gifted Learning Curiosity | Great Peace Academy

Encouraging a Desire to Learn Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for products you may purchase through external sites. I woke up to discover my son had been up for a while. As I made breakfast for myself, (he had already ate). I asked him what he was doing. His response surprised me. “I’m reading the encyclopedias.” Obviously, his learning curiosity has kicked in. “Oh, […] Read More

Learning About Gifted Education

Discovering Gifted Education | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #gifted #gtcat #ihsnet

Since Little Man was an infant my Beloved and I have marveled at his unusual abilities. We wondered how it was possible for him to do the things he could do. Others would use words like exceptional, gifted, highly gifted or even genius. We hesitated to speak those words out loud, after all every parent thinks their child is a genius. Right? But learning about […] Read More