100+ Homeschooling Gifted Resources

100+ Homeschooling Gifted Resources | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #gifted #gtchat #ihsnet

Challenging the Gifted Mind   Homeschooling is daunting for anyone. Factor in the child who has an intense need for more mental challenge and any homeschool mom would find herself feeling overwhelmed. Because these children learn, understand and assimilate information at a faster rate, they become bored quicker and lose interest thinking they have mastered a given problem or puzzle. This post contains affiliate ad […] Read More

Social Instruction for the Gifted Child

Social Instruction for the Gifted Child | Renée at Great Peace #gtchat #gifted #ihsnet #homeschool

Children need instruction. They need to be taught how to interact in social situations. This is especially true of children who have a tendency to be intense. Emotional, physical and social intensity coupled with over-excitability are often seen in the gifted child. Which is why they have such a deep need for social instruction.   This post contains affiliate ad links. It seems that children who […] Read More

Embracing Gifted Intensity

Learn how to embrace Emotional Intensity in your Gifted Child | @ReneeGreatPeace #ihsnet #gifted #gtchat #giftedandtalented #homeschooling #homeschool

If you are the parent of a gifted child and haven’t learned about gifted intensity you most likely have experienced it. Emotions are a part of every human life. Emotional Intensity is as natural for a gifted individual as breathing. Children who have minds that process neurological functions at a faster rate also process emotions at a faster rate. Parenting Children with Gifted Intensity  As parents […] Read More

Web Resources for Parents of Gifted

Web Resources for Parents of Gifted | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #ihsnet #homeschool #gtchat | Find support, groups, blogs, books & more.

Did you know that being a parent of gifted learners is not easy? In fact, sometimes it’s incredibly hard. I used to think something was wrong with me because I just couldn’t understand why my child acted so differently from other children his age. I mean, I knew he was smart. But, it seemed so strange for a 3 year old to write in perfect cursive without […] Read More

A Ready Guide for Parents of a Gifted Child

Parents of a Gifted Child this ready guide is for you. Book Review of "Raising a Gifted Child" by Carol Fertig. at Great Peace Academy.com

Raising a Gifted Child, Book Review Being an homeschool mom to an academically and creatively gifted child can seem quite intimidating. Especially if, like me, the mom doesn’t feel quite qualified enough for the task at hand. Finding a how to guide would be a great help wouldn’t it?  Disclosure: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated […] Read More

Favorite Pinterest Boards for Homeschooling Gifted Learners

Gifted Homeschool Pinterest Boards | Great Peace Academy

  Homeschooling is hard enough but factor in homeschooling a child with gifted abilities and sometimes you can feel overwhelmed, frustrated and alone. But I am not alone on this journey and neither are you.  One of the best places on the web to find resources for, well just about anything, is Pinterest. Which is why I am sharing with you my favorite Pinterest boards […] Read More

Tips from the Coach for Keeping Gifted Children Active

Tips from the coach to keephomeschool gifted kids active. | Great Peace Academy

Interview with Chris Quickert from The HomeSchool Gym As a mom to an academically gifted child, I sometimes wonder if I keep him active enough. I know that physical activity is vital to a healthy body. Given the choice of outside play and indoor play, he will usually choose indoor play. Although, he can at times spend hours swinging on the swing. I want to […] Read More

Science Study for Gifted Students

Overview of Survival on the Reef My favorite resource for gifted and advanced learning materials is Prufrock Press. So, I was thrilled as a reviewer and affiliate marketer when I was given a free copy of Survival on the Reef by Colleen Kessler in exchange for my honest review. At Great Peace Academy we are spending our school year exploring the animals that live in […] Read More