Putting History into Perspective

Putting History into Perspective | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #history #ihsnet

Connecting History to the Modern World Let’s face it, sometimes history can seem so dry.  Without context children lose the importance of understanding how history affects their own lives. Trying to connect their minds and hearts to something that happened long before they were even born can seem like a daunting task. Actually, it may seem impossible. This post contains affiliate advertisement links.   The […] Read More

Using a Self-Guided History Curriculum for High School Homeschool

Self-Guided History for Homeschool High School | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #history #highschool #ihsnet

By the time a student is in high school they most likely are working at an independent level. This is true for my son. It’s been true for several years now. In fact, he’s become his own teacher so to speak, while I’ve become more of a facilitator ensuring he is completing assigned work, reviewing any needed content and tracking his work. This new system […] Read More

We ARE One Nation – United

We are One Nation United | GreatPeaceAcademy.com

I know that there seems to be a large divide in our country. Everyday I watch as more and more happens to divide us. In my opinion, it is a targeted political agenda to divide the people. It’s a shame. But, I also believe that at the heart of most Americans, we are one nation united. This week, I was privileged to attend a show at […] Read More

The Ultimate List of American Study Resources for Middle School

American Study

Plus a Bonus American Study FREE Download Have you ever thought about how the time span between Memorial Day and Independence Day is a great time period to do an American Unit Study? There are so many directions you can go with such a study. It could be governmental based, military based, geographical, historical, great men of America, great women of America, pivotal moments in America, […] Read More