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Get your New Simply Pretty Homeschool Planner Free Download

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Homeschool Solutions for Worried Moms | #ihsnet #homeschool

Homeschool Solutions for Worried Homeschool Mamas

Need Homeschool Solutions? Homeschooling Mamas are inundated with information. From the time we first mention to our friends that we are considering homeschooling they begin […] Read More

Real Life Superhero Homeschool Mom: She approaches education from a global perspetive. | Great Peace Academy

She Approaches Education from a Global Perspective

Meet Tassie. Her story has inspired me for years. Why? Because she doesn’t think of her home and family as a house with four walls […] Read More

Real Life Superhero Homeschool Mom: Keeping her Eye Focused | Great Peace Acadey

Keeping Her Eye Focused on the Values she wants to Teach

Today I’d like to introduce you to homeschool mom LaBeth Brewer. I was privileged to meet her in real life last month at an annual […] Read More

Real Life Superhero Homeschool Mom, she wanted a different path for her children. | Great Peace Academy

Bottom Line, She Wanted a Different Path for Her Children

Real Life Superhero Homeschool Mom, Fee Rocha I’d like to introduce you to Fee Rocha, Christian, wife, mom, and painter, just to name a few of […] Read More

Tips for Getting out of a Homeschool Rut. | Great Peace Academy

In a Homeschool Rut?

In a Rut? Tips for Getting Out of it    This post contains affiliate ad links to products at external sites.  Homeschool Got YOU Down? […] Read More