Prepare the Home for Winter Illness

How to Prepare the Home for the Winter Illness Season | Renée at Great Peace #winterillness #seasonalsickness #coldandfluseason #homemaking #householdchores

This is the winter illness season for colds, flus, and other yucks! In our family we all have struggled with head colds, sore throats, headaches and achy bodies already and we’re only a few weeks into winter. There are a lot of people we know who’ve faced the crud and it seems to be lingering.   Just last evening Young Man ended up with a sick […] Read More

15 Zoodle Recipes You Can Alter to Stay on the THM Plan

15 Zoodle Recipes you can alter to stay on the THM plan. | Renée at Great Peace #mealplanning #thmama

I’ve recently discovered that convenience of frozen zucchini noodles. When you are eating low-carb, zucchini noodles, a.k.a. zoodles, are a wonderful alternative to pasta. They are versatile and can be used in a wide variety of recipes. I’ve gathered 15 Zoodle recipes that can easily be used or adapted to low-carb diets.  This post contains affiliate advertisement links to 3rd party sites. Since the first […] Read More

Your Best Homemaking Tips

Your Best Homemaking Tips! Readers share their best tips for homemaking at Great Peace Academy

As we wrap up this home and keeping series I thought about the best way to grow as a homemaker. I think perhaps it is to learn from other homemakers and their experience. So I reached out to you over on my Facebook Community. Oh, and if you don’t currently follow me on Facebook, just click LIKE in the Facebook Widget of my Sidebar right now, that […] Read More

Meals to Make in 20 Clicks

Meals for Homemakers to Make in 20 Clicks | Great Peace Academy

20 Meals for Homemakers to Make  Homemakers are most often the family meal maker as well. I’m no exception. I enjoy cooking for my family. But I don’t enjoy meal planning. Which is why I have a few meals that are my go to meals for each season. These are meals that I know how to make without having to pull out a recipe so […] Read More