Homeschool Writing Curriculum with Real World Application

A Writing Curriculum that Teaches with Real World Application | Renée at Great Peace #ihsnet @ApologiaWorld

I’ve struggled for years to get my son to write. I mean, he knows how to write, but he doesn’t like writing, the writing process or even coming up with ideas for writing. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a topic he enjoys or not. The idea of putting his thoughts into written form has always been difficult. This has been the struggle regardless of […] Read More

10 Ways to Unlock Writing Fundamentals with Diagramming Sentences

I remember sitting in 8th grade English class and Mrs. Senator drawing these strange lines on the chalkboard. They looked like sideways trees and I wondered… what is she doing? She began explaining that one of the best ways to understand the fundamentals of the English language was to break down a sentence into its parts, by diagramming sentences. Doing so helps you to better […] Read More

A New Find: Excellent Language Arts using Great Literature

A New Find: Excellent Language Arts Using Great Literature | #ihsnet #gifted

Language Arts Study for Gifted Students As we enter what I consider to be our 8th grade year of homeschooling, I’m beginning to realize that my son continues to need increasingly challenging work. Each year it becomes more and more apparent that he needs differentiated learning opportunities in every subject matter. Yet, I find myself always gravitating to more challenging math and science, and steering […] Read More